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Reasons Romney Lost the 2012 Presidential election include:

  • weakness on the social issues, such as abortion and same-sex marriage
  • fell for neoconservative claptrap to support foreign interventionalism, causing Romney to lose the last two debates
  • misguided strategy to focus on only the economy
  • ostracized Ron Paul and his millions of supporters
  • spent six years running for president, yet never attempted to learn conservative language and principles[1]
  • never emphasized the need to improve public schools, as George W. Bush did successfully in 2000
  • spent his campaign money on high-priced but ineffective consultants
  • failed to run effective political ads against Obama
  • badly out-of-touch with common people, and made no real attempt to connect -- see the infamous "47% video" and his comment about "binders full of women"
  • his expensive "Orca" election day "get out the vote" technology failed
  • no meaningful outreach to young people
  • overplayed the "family man" stuff to the point of irritation about his lack of concern for other people less fortunate
  • surrounded himself by RINOs
  • unnecessarily lashed out at Todd Akin in a way that cost him pro-life volunteers and convinced millions that Romney would be a puppet for the media
  • clueless about the Democrat early voting machine that resulted in more than a million early votes by mail for Obama in Ohio
  • rampant use of underhanded tactics, such as voter suppression, voter fraud, etc. by Obama supporters
  • Inability of the GOP to win court battles regarding election laws, specifically in battleground states [2] [3]
  • in general (perhaps due to GOTV efforts) more Democrats voted than Republicans, not only for President, but also in Senate and Congressional races, nationwide. (For example, the sum of all Democratic congressional votes cast were greater than the sum of all Republican votes.)
  • brutal primary season lasted longer than in prior election years due to SuperPAC funding of the other primary challengers, hurting both the final nominee and the Republican brand.
  • Michael Steele weakened Republican Party structure in the years important to building a strong base for the campaign.
  • never overcame the 47 percent comment.
  • Walked right into the trap set by Candy Crowley and Barack Obama regarding "act of terror." ("Please proceed, Governor.")
  • Ran in the primaries as "severely conservative" and then tried to pivot into something else in his general election campaign. Obama said in response, "After a year in which he has been calling himself ‘severely conservative,’ he’s now trying to convince us that he was severely kidding about everything."[4]

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