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Religious freedom is the right to espouse the religion of one's choice, or none. Religious freedom is guaranteed in the constitution of the United States and is a commonplace in democratic countries. However, in many states and countries secular and atheistic policies, particularly in the field of education, form in effect a restriction on religious liberties. Examples include the ban on classroom prayer in the United States, and opposition to the teaching of any alternatives to the discredited Theory of Evolution in many western nations.

Religious freedom is seen as a grave danger by Communist regimes - very few religious freedoms are given in China, and under Communist rule religion was banned outright in Albania - and by strict Islamic regimes such as those in Iran and (particularly) Saudi Arabia.

Ann Coulter said,

  • "For as long as I can remember, liberals have been running around in a state of indignation, shouting that the government is being taken over by a dangerous band of religious fanatics who want to abolish the First Amendment, establish a national religion, force their bizarre sexual morality on children in public schools, rewrite the nation's laws to enforce their personal moral preferences, and punish anyone who dissents from their views. Unfortunately it's all true. That's precisely what liberals are trying to do." [1]

Hyung Jin Moon said,

  • "If we don’t stand up for our own religious rights, nobody will." [2]

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