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The Republican Party Platform is the official statement of positions taken by the national Republican Party concerning controversial political issues. It is considered and adopted pursuant to customary parliamentary procedure by the delegates to the Republican National Convention that is held during presidential election years, every four years. The new platform is typically written and approved by the platform committee during the week before the convention itself, in time to be formally approved by delegates at the same convention.

Each state is represented by a man and a woman on the committee that drafts and approves the platform for consideration by the all the delegates to the convention.[1]

The 2008 Republican Party Platform is too liberal today. For example, its energy section contains a hearty endorsement of inefficient alternative energy. The 2008 Republican Party Platform fails to mention and criticize Planned Parenthood, and lacks specific proposals to reduce abortion in a meaningful manner.

The 2008 Republican Party Platform is 58 pages long, organized under these issues:[2]

  • National Security
  • Government Reform
  • Economy
  • Energy (pp. 31-34)
  • Environment
  • Health Care (pp. 37-42)
  • Education (pp. 42-46)
  • Crime
  • Values

As of 2010, every state Republican Party had adopted the national Republican Party platform except for New Jersey.

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  1. In 2008, the only exception was South Carolina, which had only one representative.