Science is a Sacred Cow

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Science is a Sacred Cow is a book writen by the chemist Anthony Standen. It was first published in 1950 by E.P. Dutton and Co. It was in print for 40 years[1]. The book argues that some scientists and many teachers of science have "inflated egos"[1] or, in the words of Standen, "a fabulous collective ego, as inflated as a skillfully blown piece of bubble gum"[2]. The book was widely reviewed[3].


Part of the book's thesis is that the general public and students of science hold the words of scientists in awe even when these are merely "latinized nonsense"[1]. According to a March 1950 issue of Time magazine, Standen's concerns are that scientists can be and have been "overbearing," "overpraised," and "overindulged"[4]. The book was once praised by one of the great scientists: Albert Einstein[1]. An editorial note in the March 27, 1950 issue of Life magazine introducing several pages[5] of excerpts and a half dozen editorial cartoons from Sacred Cow states "With tongue-in-cheek hyperbole, [Standen] suggests that a group that takes itself so seriously deserves some serious skepticism. Life—without taking all Mr. Standen's funmaking too seriously—thinks he deserves a happy hearing"[6].


The book is 221 pages in length. It has eight chapters. Chapter one "They Say It's Wonderful." Chapter two "How They Dish It Out." Chapter three "Science at Its Best: Physics." Chapter four "Biology, or Know Thyself" Chapter five "The Proper Study: Psychology." Chapter six "The Social Animal." Chapter seven "True Sciene: Mathematics." Chapter eight "Watch Those Scientists."


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