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* [http://www.pbs.org/faithandreason/gengloss/sciism-body.html Scientism] (American Public Broadcasting Service).
* [http://www.pbs.org/faithandreason/gengloss/sciism-body.html Scientism] (American Public Broadcasting Service).
* [http://www.philosophyetc.net/2007/08/scientism.html Scientism] (Philosophy, etc.)
* [http://www.philosophyetc.net/2007/08/scientism.html Scientism] (Philosophy, etc.)
* [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPeyJvXU68k&list=PLF3F6DFC4CC901818 The Magician's Twin: C.S. Lewis and the Case against Scientism] Featured Video by Discovery Institute

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Scientism is the belief that the scientific method has no (or few) limits and can successfully be applied to almost all aspects of life, and provides an explanation for everything. It is essentially a religion where its followers (Scientists) worship science its rituals, and its results.[1]

Scientism and atheism

Scientism has generally had a close relationship with atheism, as atheism and Scientism support eachother. Followers of Scientism do not believe in God and therefore use atheism as the base of their religion, and atheists use pseudoscience to support their claims, as well as as evidence against God and the Bible.[2]

Scientism and pseudoscience

Since Scientists have an agenda to use "science" to support their denial of God, their techniques usually rely on pseudoscience. For example, the claim to know that God exists, despite the fact that it is technically scientifically impossible to disprove anything (i.e. negative proofs are impossible). Despite this, they continue to deny the existence of God without any real scientific proof.[3]

Science as a religion

Scientism is the religion of worshiping science as a source of explanations about the universe. It is based on their faith that science will provide answers because Scientists have a declared "objective" point of view.[4]

Believers of Scientism deny the existence of God, and instead worship pseudoscientific methods. They seek to use what they claim to be as "science" to replace God as the source for infinite knowledge, and the foundation of society. Scientists generally think of themselves as being Gods while practicing their scientific rituals, because they think they are coming up with answers. However, they really just pretend that they are God to feel superior to the faithful.

Worshipers of Scientism also believe that science should replace traditional morality, so that they can do whatever they want as long as it is dictated by "science".[5]


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