Seven Deadly Sins

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A personification of pride, chief among the Seven Deadly Sins.

In Roman Catholic tradition, the Seven Deadly Sins are considered to be the seven worst mortal sins, which lead to damnation. They are:

The Bible does not list them in this form, but they are commonly found in Medieval and Renaissance thought. Personifications or depictions of the seven sins (and their punishments in Hell) are also common in the art and literature of these periods, sometimes contrasted with the seven cardinal virtues.

The seven sins may be categorized in three groups (see, for example, Dante's Purgatorio):

  • Pride, envy and anger are sins resulting from excessive self-interest.
  • Greed, gluttony and lust result from excessive desire for things outside the self.
  • Sloth results from a deficiency of the desires that inspire us to act for good or ill.

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