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Stan "the Man" Musial (was a professional baseball player who spent all of his career with the St. Louis Cardinals, playing in 24 All-Star games during his 22-year career. He was one of the greatest hitters ever, rivaling Ted Williams and Babe Ruth. Musial had an unusual batting style that resembled a corkscrew as he unwound to hit the ball.

He said he would gauge the speed of the ball thrown by the pitcher in its first 30 feet, and based on his memorization of the different speeds used by that pitcher Musial could predict whether the ball was a fastball, curve or slider. Then he could estimate how the ball would move as it approached the plate.

A devout Catholic, Musial was married for 72 years.[1]

The nickname "the Man" was given to Musial by Brooklyn fans, illustrating how much Musial was liked by many fans far from St. Louis. Musial was a big reason that the Cardinals attained a national following, despite being a small-market team.

A shoulder injury cut short Musial's pitching career, but the misfortune turned out to be an enormous benefit to him and to the baseball world.