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Steven M. Lonegan (born April 27, 1956) is a former candidate for the Republican nomination for Governor of New Jersey in 2009 and former Mayor of Bogota, New Jersey from 1995-2007.

Lonegan has sought political office before, such as unsuccessfully running for state Senate, Congress, county executive and Governor.

Support and Opposition

Lonegan is known as a staunch conservative, and built his gubernatorial campaign on instituting a flat income tax. He was been endorsed by former presidential candidate Ron Paul [1] and "Joe the Plumber." [2]

However, conservative economist Steve Forbes, a strong proponent of the flat tax, has criticized Lonegan's plan, saying "I don't think that the key thing right now for New Jersey is to get a flat tax...the key is to get the tax rates down and then we can have a substantial reform of the tax system." [3]