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Susan Roesgen is a liberal activist "journalist" formerly employed by CNN.

During a Chicago demonstration that was part of the 2009 Tax Day Tea Party protests, Roesgen harassed a protestor about why he attended the protest. The man responded, "Because I hear a president say that he believed in what Lincoln stood for. Lincoln's primary thing was he believed that people had the right to liberty, and had the right…" Roesgen interrupted the man and angrily asked him, "What does this have to do with your taxes? Do you realize that you're eligible for a $400 credit?"

The man respectfully tried to finish his statement, and stated "Lincoln believed that people had the right to share in the fruits of their own labor and that government should not take it. And we have clearly gotten to that point," before being cut off by Roesgen again. Visibly angry, Roesgen continued by saying, "Did you know, that the state of Lincoln gets $50 billion out of this stimulus? That's $50 billion for this state, sir." A red-faced Roesgen concluded the interview with a rather bizarre statement: "I think you get the general tenor of this...It's anti-government, anti-CNN since this is highly promoted by the right-wing conservative network, Fox." Roesgen also said that she believed the peaceful gathering was "not really family viewing."

It must be noted that despite the fact that Roesgen bashed the Fox News Channel, in 2005 she sought employment at Fox News as a reporter. It must also be noted that despite Roesgen's claims, there is no "state of Lincoln."

Some time after Roesgen's odd behavior, CNN elected to shut down her email address and she took a leave of absence that CNN claims was a "planned vacation."[1]

In 2006, Roesgen enthusiastically showed her agreement with depictions of then President George W. Bush as "the devil" in a left-wing demonstration/riot she attended.

In July, 2009, CNN decided not to renew Roesgen's contract. When asked whether Roesgen's outburst at the Chicago tea party had anything to do with her being fired, a CNN spokesperson replied, "I can't comment on personnel matters."[2]


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