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I removed the following paragraph:

Not debunked are the sentences of housekeeper Rodriguez of the north-tower of WTC, who clearly says, that big explosions had been in the downstairs rooms of the WTC very short before the impact of the plane and he and others pulled out bleeding people out of the cellars there into the open air. Nobody of the press has ever brought this sentences of this eye-witness and others up to now. They interviewed Mr. Rodriguez - and no word appeared on this to the people of US-America. Other facts - never published by the Commission, nobody wanted to hear such facts. Mystery, or complot of inner circles behind governmental business, that's the question for a lot of people.

If anyone has some references and wants to take out the non-encyclopedic text, feel free to add it back in. Additionally, this page doesn't cite any references, and I know there are a ton. Is there a template for that like there is on Wikipedia? Jazzman831 14:02, 11 July 2007 (EDT)

I'm making some major changes to this page. No sources are cited, and very little information is given. Also, there doesn't seen to be any information from the actual conspiracy theorists, only two pieces of information from James Meig's book. I'm also removing the reference to Rosie O'donnel, which seems to have no bearing on the subject, and the reference given at the bottom of the page appears to be an article that is belittling her. Yujo 22:26, 15 September 2007 (EDT)

Liberal stupidity

It amazes me how liberals were once so fond of automatically believing conspiracy theories about 9/11, no matter how baseless, simply because they loathe the American government. This revealed to me, at a young age, that liberalism is the equivalent of thinking with emotion and that conservatism is the equivalent of thinking with logic. Hilarious how you couldn't go a block without hearing one of their insane theories in 2004, yet the idiots finally died down by 2008. --Zelrio 01:04, 28 August 2010 (EDT)