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The full lectures and exams for this free course are here.

Top scores

  • 29/30 - by 3 online test-takers (as of Feb. 10, 5pm)
  • 28/30 - by 2 students, one of whom then took and passed the CLEP exam to earn college credit, and also by 5 online test-takers (as of Feb. 10, 5pm)

Comments can be made below

Proud to say that I was one of the two that earned a 29/30--I was very impressed by the substance of the test! Although I wasn't following along with the course, I have to say that only my time at law school saved me. That is, had I been given such a test in high school, I would have done very poorly; this (important!) material simply was not covered in my public education. I did have one comment about the question concerning which answer was a refutation of "one man-one vote" principals: I selected Article III (which was wrong) because of the structure of un-elected, lifetime appointed federal judges. Is this answer merely "less correct"? Thanks for a challenging test! WilliamWB 09:15, 12 February 2013 (EST)