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Columbus sailed from Spain on August 3 1492, and after sailing in unkown waters and not sighting land for three weeks, the sailors began to talk of mutiny. On October 10, Columbus promised that if they did not find land in three days they would turn back. On October 12, they reached an island that Columbus named San Salvador. Columbus did not reach his original destination but he did set the stage for Europian exploration of the New World.

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Ouch! Reading this article killed brain cells.

He was liberal

Chrisopher Columbus was a liberal whe tried to find new ways. He could also be called a scientist in geography and navigation. He did not believe in what the conservative world was thinking (the world is flat and that he will fall down its surface at the end of the world).

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Factually Incorrect

He was not "the second European sailor to reach the Americas." Ericson's voyage prompted many more trips to the America's, and Columbus arrived with more men than just himself. Perhaps a better way to phrase this would be "headed the first expedition from the European mainland to reach the Americas."