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This is the only article I have ever read on this fellow that does not mention the term: "Pre-Raphaelite". Strange. I knew you didn't know classical music but not to know Pre-Raphaelite art took me by surprise. And his poetry... the "House of Life " is very well known by lovers of both poetry and the English art song. He was also a reprobate - an orgy lover - a lover of sexual deviance - but hey, you have to pick the right cite to know that.

Or know your subject.
By the way; his sister was far more in the "Christian" mould. I can quote her too but I suppose you would insist on a cite.
Joachim; if you are going to write on a subject, know your subject!

22:28, 5 April 2013 (EDT)—The preceding unsigned comment was added by AlanE (talk)