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RodWeather's edit

RodWeather added: Regardless, Ussher's calculations were somewhat accurate, and the roughly 6000 year age of the world has been built upon by more recent scholarship and backed up by recent scientific research in creation science.

I have a few problems with this:

  • The first part about the calculations being accurate is expressing an opinion. I agree with the opinion, and Conservapedia does express opinions at times, but we should keep it to a minimum and I don't think it's necessary in this case.
  • The bit about being built upon by more recent scholarship is rather vague as to what it's referring to. As worded at the moment I don't think it means much, but perhaps it could be made clearer.
  • Creation science has produced lots of evidence that is more consistent with a "young" Earth than one billions of years old, but they don't claim to be able to support scientifically an age as specific as around 6,000 years.

Philip J. Rayment 05:13, 30 October 2008 (EDT)