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  • (cur | prev) 21:58, 1 April 2008Ed Poor (Talk | contribs). . (1,573 bytes) (+249). . (he chose to use this Quran because it showed that a visionary like Jefferson believed that wisdom could be gleaned from many sources)
  • (cur | prev) 18:48, 14 July 2007Loremipsum (Talk | contribs). . (1,324 bytes) (+706). . (Rationale for the edit to the controversy line, suggestions for future work)
  • (cur | prev) 03:14, 15 April 2007All Fish Welcome (Talk | contribs). . (618 bytes) (+618). . (New page: :During his swearing in ceremony in early January 2007, Ellison replaced the Bible with a the Quran and then took his oath of duty with one hand placed on the Quran. This was debunked, or ...)