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I am curious to hear thoughts on the political impact of this ruling. It occurs to me that, were sodomy still illegal, there could be very little gay rights movement - for thr practical reason that were anyone to publicly admit they supported gay rights, they could be investigated and their sickness uncovered so they could be either jailed or treated, and either way would no longer be able to campaign. No Lawrence v Texas, no gay rights movement - much like the campaign to legalise pedophilia today, they would be confined to scared perverts who couldn't campaign because they know they would be arrested. The gays would not be able to push their agenda of filth and attack the family from every angle as they are doing today, and the culture would be kept clean. Perhaps conservatives should look into any potential legal trick to overturn it - I know there wouldn't be enough popular support for a constitutional ammendment, but perhaps it would be possible to keep passing anti-sodomy laws in the states over and over until chance and political climate allowed one to stick? Once it does, we can begin getting the perverts cured and made safe for society. Thoughts, anyone? - NewCrusader

Criminalizing Sodomy

Unfortunately, with the frequency that straight people engage in sodomy, if you made it illegal, everyone would be in jail. And the Supreme Court already said decades ago that you can't make sodomy illegal for gays and legal for straights without violating the principle of equal protection. Sorry! Deal with it!

What was the Supreme Court case decades ago where they said it? Karajou 14:05, 26 June 2009 (EDT)

Good Article.

I found this article to be a good and objective review of the supreme court case with little if any personal opinion.