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Total revamping

Well, I simply blew away the original article. It essentially read like a propaganda piece, especially the bit at the end about materialists basically being those who care only about money and not about love and virtue.

Of course, this is just a rough start. Feel free to discuss/edit this topic to further expand it. Materialism is an important concept, and propaganda does not help one better understand it.

can't see = doesn't exist?

The arguments of "never detected", "impossible to detect", and "never seen" do not really hold up. We can't "see" gravity, but we know it exists because we can see it's effects. We can't see outside of the spectrum of visible light but we know that other frequencies of light exist because we can see their effects. Gravitons, dark matter, and black holes are all theorized to exist based on the same idea. We can see their effects in the universe. Oh, and has anyone ever seen or detected an omniscient, all powerful being that is capable of creating whole universes? Following the logic used in this article one could make the claim that such a being does not exist, although I'm absolutely sure that this was not the intention of the writer. --BillOhannity 22:42, 2 October 2007 (EDT)