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America, will you follow the Nazi route? Remembering Martin Niemöller, John Adams, and Noah Webster as the attack on American values continues. [1]

Liberal media headline: "Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American" [2] If the bomber turns out to be part of some international terrorist conspiracy, then the USA might respond appropriately, and the article would rather blame white Americans.

British socialism drops to a new low: "Protesters along the funeral route turned their backs on Baroness Thatcher's coffin as it passed on its way to St Paul's Cathedral." [3]

"Turkey's Islamic leader, Israel's Chief Rabbi, and Al Qaida's assassination attempt," (the Christian Creationism connection) by Bishop Bert [4]

Changing stories, suspicions, and a lead on the real culprits. [5]

LIBERAL DENIAL: an eyewitness reportedly tackled the suspect and turned him over to the police, but officials and the media now pretend they have no idea who committed the heinous crime at the Boston Marathon. [6] The public may never be told the truth, and certainly not soon, in order to avoid political embarrassment.

Was God's finished creation perfect? What did Augustine say about man's ability not to sin before the fall of man?[7]

Government pleads for help from the American public to solve the horrific crime, "Officials to public: Send photos, video from Boston Marathon bombings." [8]

Saudi national eyed as a suspect in the Boston bombing. [9]

Barack Obama's plan to destroy America was hatched at Columbia University. [10]

Evil is real, and tragic: 3 were killed, including an 8-year-old boy, and more than 130 hurt, many severely, in the Boston Marathon bombing. [11] Investigators are searching for a foreign-accented suspect seen in the vicinity of the crime.

May God help the victims. [12]

Once again, the leftists infesting the liberal media couldn't wait for the victims to be taken to hospitals before they blame the Boston bombing on the "right wing." [13][14]

Gold bubble bursts - After rising exponentially for a dozen years from $200 to nearly $1,800, the price for a troy ounce of gold dropped to $1,400 this month. [15] [16] [17]

The discovery of fossilized cells in north-west Scotland has forced a dramatic rewrite of the supposed evolutionary history of life on Earth.[18]

All those evolutionists who claimed to know how old life is on earth, must now admit they were very wrong. There are at least 101 reasons why the earth is young.[19]

The third Noah's Ark replica is being built by Hispanics near Miami, who hope the Pope will attend the inauguration. [20] Evidently the falsehoods of atheism continue to be rejected by many.

The National Secular Society says that aggressive French religious lobbies are in a sustained attack on French secularism.[21]

Message to the captain of the SS Secularism: Your ship is taking on more and more water and the waves are going to be bigger and more frequent.[22]

Are liberals going to go after marijuana smoke with the same gusto they have with tobacco smoke? [23]

Liberal teacher in a public school tells fourth-graders to give up Constitutional rights. [24]

Who wants Sheriff Joe dead? [25]

Statutory rape: the missing legal problem in abortion that now has the attention of a bunch of lawyers. [26]

"A Turkish delight: they think so in Israel too!" by Bishop Bert [27]

Russia calls American politicians "Russophobic", in apparent mockery of how liberals push their homosexual agenda on "homophobic" Russia. [28] Try "Biblophobic", a Best New Conservative Word.

Nanny State update: a busybody calls 911 to report a jogger who was running backwards, and the cops in Democrat Miami give him a ticket ... even though he's jogged backwards safely for six years. [29]

"Politics 101" guides the Obama presidency, as he refuses to wear a helmet at a Navy event: "You don’t put stuff on your head if you're president" because "you never look good wearing something on your head." [30] And why is looking good always Obama's primary goal? Obama also refused to wear a bike safety helmet for a photo op in 2009, sparking valid criticism.

A call to impeach Attorney General Eric Holder, for multiple high crimes and misdemeanors in office. [31]

Congressman Chris Smith on liberal censorship: "Why the censorship" of the Philadelphia abortionist's "Jeffrey Dahmer-like murder trial?" [32]

Looking for things to see and do? See a beautiful landscape which Questions Evolution! Also, public library science books with Question evolution! campaign tracts placed inside them.[33]

A Tea Party activist sends an open letter to Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania: Your bill looks good, but could be better. He suggests seven specific "fixes." [34]

The liberal media continue their attempt to drive conservative athlete Tim Tebow out of New York City, even for a voluntary off-season practice. "Get rid of Tim Tebow," shouts the headline. [35] Many liberals would rather lose than win with a conservative leader.

Message to PZ Myers and friends: Re-positioning the decades long "atheist nerd brand" is going to be close to impossible. Also, "golden age of internet atheism" is coming to an end. [36]

PZ Myers says the atheist community is on the "cusp of a crisis". PZ Myers admits atheists are largely a bunch of: geeks, "scattered society of Internet nerds" and a "largely irrelevant subset of the population".[37]

ABC, CBS, NBC ‘Deliberately Censoring’ Bad News on Obamacare.[38]

Without Darwin, some of the atrocities connected with evolution might not have been. But people of faith might have grown complacent, too. [39]

Liberal double standard: when Republicans tape-record Democrats (e.g., Watergate), there is media outrage, but not when Democrats tape-record Republicans, despite a Dem statement that a liberal group probably taped a GOP meeting. [40]

A Tea Party activist discusses education reform, and the pitfalls when government takes it on. [41]

News from the land of atheism: "Margaret Thatcher death celebrations" sweep the faithless Great Britain. [42]

Digital Journal posts an excellent summary of the Dr. William Lane Craig vs. atheist philosopher Alex Rosenburg debate. [43]

Unfortunately for Professor Rosenburg, once he steps outside his liberal academia cocoon, he is totally clueless when confronted with reality.

Wikipedia is losing global market share in 2013 and Yahoo News reports that they don't want you as an editor. [44]

Liberal double standard: Wednesday was a warm day in D.C., and Democrats say that is evidence of global warming! [45] So why don't they say the opposite when it is a cold day?

An article on the possible relationship between school shootings and violent video games was censored by the Huffington Post. [46]

The most famous "heavy metal conservative activist" warns: the Homosexual Agenda is real, and is destructive. He offers some explicit examples. [47]

Liberal logic: Hugo Chavez's successor promises, if elected, to hold a special investigation into whether Chavez was "inoculated with cancer cells," and hints that he suspects the "American Empire" was responsible. [48] The liberal media played into this accusation by promoting the fake claims and photo of Chavez's purported good health.

Creation activist says: "Evolutionists, hooo! I GUARANTEE your efforts to dislodge creationism from Louisiana are going to fail."[49]

Louisiana young people will be among the next group of readers for the Question evolution! campaign book for middle school students

Flag of France.png

Vive la French Creationnisme! Long live French creationism! French creationists are coming aboard the Question Evolution! Campaign.[50]

This is the most exciting thing that has happened to the French since the rabid German evolutionary racists were thrown out of France during World War II! [51]

"Texas student stabs at least 14 at Lone Star College." [52] Because of gun control, students were unarmed and unable to stop the attack sooner.

A Question evolution! campaign blog is rapidly approaching 400,000 page views. Christian blogosphere will soon be turbocharged via blog marketing expertise.[53]

Flag of France.png

Christian creationist outreach to reach more young people showing results. Also, French speaking Christian leader very interested in Question Evolution! Campaign.[54]

Biola University posts the Christian apologist William Lane Craig vs. atheist philosopher Alex Rosenburg debate. [55]

Why did the atheist Alex Rosenburg appear to drink so much water in the debate relative to Dr. Craig? Dry mouth nervousness?

Democratic Party lies about its racist roots. Rising conservative star K. Carl Smith says that Republicans need to start championing the life and legacy of former slave Frederick Douglass as an outreach to black voters. [56]

Why does a reporter call it "anti-American" to want to arm oneself against the chance that our government will turn on us? What kind of free press does he think he represents? [57]

Sometimes conservative Bobby Jindal caves quickly to the liberal media after they criticized his bold plan to repeal the income tax in Louisiana. [58]

Margaret Thatcher, RIP. [59]

"He held a fundraiser in our living room; that was true." The Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers finally admits that a 1995 New Party fundraiser was held at his home for Barack Hussein Obama. [60]

"Israel Under the Cloud: Israel out of Gaza" by Bishop Bert [61]

Dr. William Lane Craig beats the atheist philosopher Alex Rosenburg in a landslide debate victory.[62]

Why does Duke University still employ this atheist, nutjob professor? See: Professor values

The atheist community and internet atheism is still a hostile wasteland. [63]

BBC pseudoscience on the origin of life is debunked.[64]

An analysis of Walt Brown’s Flood model (hydroplate model of Noah's Flood). [65]

A Christian creationist whom evolutionists fear says that Neo-Darwinism will be abandoned in 15 years. Also, Biblical creation believers gain key ally.[66]

States are moving in very different directions politically on abortion and other fundamental issues. [67] But people are migrating to the conservative states and away from the liberal ones.

Add 20 years of potential severe economic hardship to the many nails which are being pounded into the coffins of atheism and Darwinism.[68]

Also, a European evolutionist backs down from a debate.

How the hockey stick crumbled. Like it or not, liberals, global warming is a proven farce: [69]

More bad news for liberal public schools: "Virtual learning bills gain momentum in Florida Legislature." [70]

Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore rejects liberal advice for women not to raise their own children: "Unfortunately, I was raised in this, like, generation of, like, 'Women can have it all,' and I don't think you can. I think some things fall off the table, the good news is, what does stay on the table becomes much more important" [raising children]. [71] Will Drew become a homeschooler?

Barack Hussein Obama tosses some pork to Florida with plans to capture an asteroid and bring it to orbit around the Moon. If the de facto President wants to worry about a big natural disaster, let him look closer to home. Details: [72]

"Le flop!" Overrated Sports Star David Beckham is "given 3/10 rating" by a candid French press, observing that the Brit "left fellow holding midfielder ... 'to fight for both of them.'" [73]

Massive cable ratings for "The Bible" miniseries on the History channel - much higher than CNN and the Fox News Channel. [74] So why does the lamestream media ignore the Good Book so much?

Can liberty win under seemingly long odds? It did before. A modern activists asks Americans to remember their history, and compare their strength now to their strength during the American Revolution. [75]

A Tea Party activist asks: are politicians really as stupid as they seem concerning the Second Amendment? Or do they have an agenda to deprive us of our rights under it? [76]

Jobs report is below expectations by more than 100,000, and "the participation rate in the workforce is the lowest since May 1979." [77] This is what the liberals told us would be an economic recovery???

How creation was reborn: the three lines of counterattack. [78]

When the American Civil Liberties Union says a new law by a Democrat threatens privacy, the Democrats know they have problems. The ACLU raises strong concerns about the latest gun control law in the Senate. [79]

Overrated Sports Star -- and longtime favorite of the liberal media -- Lance Armstrong is forced out of a swimming meet because of his past conduct. [80]

Jim Carrey: Dumb and Getting Dumber [81]

Self-centered liberals cannot let go of what they think is power: "Obama presses donors to help return Pelosi to speakership." [82]

5 more young people reviewed the initial draft of the Question evolution! campaign book for middle school students. Two of them gave it a 9 out of 10 score! Also, rattled Darwinists take a much tougher emotional intelligence test.[83]

How the long age view of the age of the earth gained credence. Offers clues to how to reverse that misconception. [84]

Liberal double standard: "Conservatives Shouldn't Own Newspapers?" [85]

Rattled evolutionists and atheists: How emotionally intelligent are you? Take an emotional intelligence test![86]

The Department of Defense victimizes our fallen heroes, in the name of political correctness. [87]

Oh dear, it appears about 5-7% of American evolutionists believe that "shape-shifting alien reptilian people control our world by taking on human form".[88]

A 15 year-old girl leaves an anti-gun legislature speechless: [89]

  • "Guns are not the problem; people are."
  • Gun control will not remove guns from society but rather make it harder for people to protect their lives.

What we get as as teachers when liberals control the education: A Weather Underground radical who once served two decades for an armed robbery that killed two cops and a guard is now a professor at Columbia University. [90]

The global warming hoax continued. In fact, it's entirely groundless: [91]

"You don't have to be here. You don't have to do that!" by Bishop Bert [92]

ObamaCare teeters on failure as the state exchanges are delayed by an entire year, until 2015. [93]

An unconventional activist reminds Americans: Know your history. Including the Christian heritage of the United States. [94]

The evolutionist Barack Hussein Obama is shaking his fist at God again. Obama is spending $100 million to try to undo God's confusion of language among other things.[95]

American public keeps smiting Obama's daily approval numbers.

Christianity exploding in adherents in Asia is going to significantly affect the United States.[96]

As Barack Obama tries to make the sequester as painful as he thinks he can make it, one "renewable energy" executive says: bring it on! [97]

Europe's woes prove that liberal policies don't work: "The unemployment rate rose to 12% in the first two months of the year, the highest level since the euro was introduced more than a decade ago." [98]

The appendix shrieks ‘Creation’ (at least 18 times!).[99] Evolutionists cannot get the appendix to shriek evolution even once!

Update from the Left Coast: the city of Stockton, California becomes "the most populous in the nation to enter bankruptcy." [100]

Are you wearing your cross necklace everyday? [101]

The lawsuit that could kill Obamacare. The political apparatus in Washington forgot to do one little thing when they rammed that bill down America's throat: [102]

The Democratic Party's hatred of America continues. The 46 senators - all Democrats - who voted to strip away your Second Amendment rights and give them to the UN: [103]

"White House to furlough 480 staffers." [104] But self-centered Obama will not join the furlough that he caused.

Documentary film titled The Cross and The Towers tells the story of the crosses that were found at Ground Zero two days after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which have inspired hope for many. [105] [106] [107]

The American Atheists lose their lawsuit over the 9/11 World Trade Center Cross. [108]

Christians outnumber advocates for gay "marriage" at the Supreme Court; SSM supporters use violence against believers. [109] [110]

Current background check programs would break the Constitution. A Tea Party activist offers an alternative that would obey the Constitution. [111]

Today is National Atheist Day! Listen to the words of wisdom that Psalm 14:1 gives us! [112]

Why do so many Christians ignore the creation story? They shouldn't. Besides being basic to other elements of the Christian faith, it just happens to be true and correct. [113][114][115]

Expecting today's Google Doodle to celebrate Easter Sunday? Nope. It is some sort of artist's conception of Cesar Chavez. More on this: [116]

A Tea Party activist rebukes the Republican Party and its members in Congress for lack of leadership. [117]

The Almighty slaps down the atheist PZ Myers and the agnostic Richard Dawkins this Easter season. [118]

Two Easter presents for the biblical creation cause.[119]

The importance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. [120]

"The South: A Near-Solid Block Against 'Obamacare,'" from Virginia through Tennessee to Texas, including all of the old Confederacy and even the Civil War border states. [121] Only Florida might embrace it, as its Gov. Rick Scott caved in to the big-spending liberals.

Even cows are fleeing liberal California, to find "cheaper farm land, lower taxes, fewer environmental regulations and higher prices for their milk." [122]

Evolutionist freelance writer confuses activity with productivity.[123]

Canada is funding opponents of anti-homosexuality bill in Uganda. [124]

In 2010, Canada had a sub-replacement level of fertility - a rate of 1.68 births per woman. Canada better start loving homosexuality less. They are creating Canadian spinsters/old maids.[125]

"The Eyes of God. What do they see? What are they looking at?" by Bishop Bert [126]

Has the public really changed its mind about gay marriage all that much? A noted activist says: "No! It's a lie!" [127]

When Democrats swore they would never back gay marriage. [128] But of course, they gotta be reelected.

Anti-Semitism is growing in France: [129]

The desolation left behind in Venezuela by Hugo Chavez: [130]

Tell us, liberals: do you endorse child killing ... after birth? If an abortionist wants to perform a "post-birth abortion" rather than taking the infant to a hospital, then some may not object. [131]

RINO Backer Rush Limbaugh, a puppet for advertisers, says the marriage "issue is lost." [132] But Good Friday illustrates that biblical truths are not defeated.

A hard-hitting criticism of abortion and some of its most famous champions in America, and on anyone who pretends to care for "the children" when they do not. [133]

More good news on Good Friday: Young people turned in their feedback forms for the Question Evolution! book for middle school students.[134]

Will followup Question evolution! campaign books/booklets be written by this author?

An atheist complains about unceasing attacks on atheism. This Good Friday will mark a day when the Christian backlash to militant atheism is greatly empowered.[135]

The third Atlas Shrugged motion picture will start "shooting" later this year and release next summer; just in time for the midterm election campaign. [136]

Give it up, Hollywood: despite the hype by the lamestream media, Ashley Judd won't run for U.S. Senate after all ... "and some Democrats say that’s a blessing." [137]

If you want a real civil rights debate, how about whether unborn children have rights? [138]

The best of the public Chicago Bulls end the winning streak of the Miami Heat, as Overrated Sports Star LeBron James incurs a flagrant foul in the final minutes. [139]

Which shall rule over us – the Bible or the bayonet? [140]

"Justices not jumping on gay marriage bandwagon," even the USA Today observes. [141]

The question about Barack Hussein Obama's birth certificate is not a game, though Obama's followers might still think it is. Two experienced typesetters have twenty-five points of evidence that it is a forgery, and as such is tantamount to treason. [142]

Secular Europeans overrate their abilities. They receive a well-deserved comeuppance! [143]

Wednesday is the second day of the homosexual agenda before the U.S. Supreme Court: the case is an attempt to invalidate the federal definition of marriage in DOMA.

Are biblical creation fans loyal and energized? Are evolutionists weak, insincere, apathetic and frustrated? [144]

Internet Christianity is vibrant and growing in 2013. Internet Darwinism is in decline in 2013.[145]

The Tea Party activist who yesterday said Glenn Beck might be helping Barack Obama, today answers two letters asking him to clarify. [146]

Based on oral argument this morning, a legal expert predicts that "the U.S. Supreme Court almost certainly will not have five votes to decide the merits of whether Proposition 8 is constitutional." [147] Tomorrow is argument in the DOMA case.

$2.4 billion gambling house files for bankruptcy. [148] How much of the losses will be borne by the non-gambling public?

Why is secular Europe dying? Will atheism and Darwinism die a slow and painful death or will they suffer a massive heart attack?[149]

Give it up, liberals: the 5th Democrat Senator announces he will not run for reelection. [150]

Is Glenn Beck helping Barack Hussein Obama by heaping scorn on a legitimate question of whether Obama is eligible to his office? [151]

Conservapedia proven right, again: "So it turns out the speed of light might not be constant after all." [152] See Question #10 in Essay:Quantifying Openmindedness (May 7, 2007).

The fourth urban public school district in New Jersey will be taken over by the State on Monday, with Gov. Chris Christie displacing the authority of the local school board. [153] And many students still won't be able to read the Bible or anything else.

Marriage will be in the dock this week before the Supreme Court. [154]

The NRA says that Michael Bloomberg, a limousine liberal, "can't buy America" with Bloomberg's $12 million ad blitz for gun control. [155] Will any Senators switch their vote?

Reddit atheists are being challenged to take two mental fitness tests.[156]

We know that many Facebook users suffer academically.[157][158] Does the same apply to Reddit?

An evolutionist is offered a series of debates in the spirit of the Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858. Will he back down or accept the debate offer?[159]

It is spring but heavy snowstorms and "baseball-sized hail" are the weather [160], demonstrating again how silly the liberal claims about a crisis in global warming were. Will Al Gore refund the fortune he made from his alarmism?

The bean counters now have to admit it: a strike by the nation's doctors is in the making. On this, the third anniversary of Obamacare, this is the most ominous sign of its eventual failure. [161]

Jay Leno tried so hard to be "mainstream", even cheerleading for same-sex marriage. Now Leno needs to try hard to find a new job. [162]

Does Darwinism make people smarter? [163] Also, homeschoolers academically pummel evolution indoctrinated public school students!

Prediction comes to pass: "The collapse of Darwinism-promoting public schools has begun just like we predicted. 61 Chicago public schools are closing their doors."[164]

Don't believe the propaganda from the education establishment. Kids are dying for the truth about abstinence and want to hear about it in school. [165]

Give it up, pro-aborts: "North Dakota Legislature Passes Abortion Ban." [166]

A United States Army retired general confirms: Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction after all, and had them trucked out to Syria. Where the regime has used them in its civil war. [167]

The Eurozone crisis is not over. European socialism, atheism and Darwinism are in for a tough slog. [168]

A Tea Party activists contrasts Sarah Palin's performance at CPAC-2013 with that of liberal washed-up actress Tina Fey. [169]

Setback for liberal claptrap: largest mass closing of public schools in history is announced in Chicago, including 54 schools and 61 school buildings. [170]

Why a literal reading of the Genesis is surging in the world. Why a literal reading of the Genesis will increase in the Western World. [171]

Causes and consequences of the low fertility rates in the West and East Asia. Its effects on religion, politics and economics. [172]

Anglican Communion News Service reports that religious affiliation is seeing a marked global resurgence. Global atheism and agnosticism have been shrinking since 2000. [173]

Can atheists outsmart God and turn this around? [174]

Nobody is born a homosexual. Homosexuality is a sin and it is chosen.[175]

"'SNL' Alum Norm Macdonald Bullied into Silence for Being Religious ... Atheists and secularists won’t be satisfied until they bully every last religious person into silence." [176]

A ringing indictment of abortion, and especially those who practice it as well as those who allow it.' [177]

In light of the latest hate crime hoax at Oberlin College, activist Bradlee Dean takes aim at others who stage "hate crimes" against themselves. [178]

Cyprus pulls back from actually seizing bank deposits. But the damage is already done. Watch the prices of gold, silver – and lead. [179]

Liberal claptrap about gun control fails to win enough votes: "Reid guts Senate gun control bill" because there are not even 40 votes for it. [180]

Attention evolutionists and atheists: Can you pass these mental fitness tests or are you a dull evolutionist/atheist? [181]

Be truthful now. Did you pass these two mental fitness tests?

A film documentary on militant atheism titled Martyred in the USSR: Militant Atheism in the former Soviet Union has a $450,000 budget. Two big waves hitting the unseaworthy SS Atheism in 2013.[182]

The film is sure to generate controversy and spread by word of mouth.

Japanese architect Toyo Ito has won this year's Pritzker Architecture Prize, the world’s most prestigious award for architecture. Ito's buildings, many in his home country, have won praise for their fluid, airy beauty and balance with nature. [183]

The government of Cyprus breaks faith with the people, by threatening to seize money out of bank accounts to pay a tribute levied by the European Union. Could that happen in America? [184]

The employment rate of evolutionary biologist PhDs is 19% or less. Help cut the employment rate of evolutionary biologists by 50%.[185]

Liberals, join with environmentally enlightened conservatives to reduce the number of evolutionary biologists. Help heal our planet!

Overachievement by Christians, again: more than 10% of the teams qualifying for March Madness are Christian schools, despite their lack of funding by government which their competitors receive. [186]

Obama Administration: "If Request Were Made for International Monitoring of Papal Election 'We Would Take It Very Seriously.'" [187] So next time liberals will insist on being in the Sistine Chapel to "observe" the voting???

Is the internet marketing of EvoWiki being run by baboons?[188]

Is there evidence that Creation Ministries International has momentum and is on its way to be a creationist powerhouse in the the USA?

North Dakota passes landmark bill to curb abortion: when that heart starts to beat, you deal with a life. Period. [189]

Abortion vs. miscarriages.[190]

Flag of Germany.JPG

Germany unveiled a balanced budget a full year ahead of when it was required. The cultural legacy of the Protestant work ethic is still going strong in Germany.[191]

Germanic efficiency and the Protestant work ethic will pummel evolutionist slackers in 2013.

Is a run on secular, European ideological quackery looming?[192]

Flag of New Zealand.png

The revolution in creationist video making production is continuing. New Zealand creationist produces a gorgeous new video with beautiful nature pictures and relaxing music. Send your unsaved loved ones to the video.[193]

Also, Project 200 plus keeps expanding.

Senator Dianne Feinstein shows more ignorance of, and disdain for, the Constitution of the United States. [194]

Conservative Rand Paul wins the CPAC straw poll, as the older RINOs strike out. [195]

Why did Barack Hussein Obama recoil in horror from a tasty meal? Because his designated Presidential Taster didn't show up. What does that say about Presidential security—or paranoia? [196]

Now that we have a new Pope, a Protestant minister takes a candid look at how Catholics, Protestants, and atheists read the New Testament, a Letter from God. [197]

A question for this Easter season: Is there compelling evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ?[198]

Also, Djw0071 is returning to the Question evolution! campaign and he wants to train others how to make fantastic creationist videos. Is he a budding Shockofgod and/or PPsimmons?

The new Latin American Pope and the future of Darwinism.[199]

Also, Latin American history, European history and the Eurocrisis show that global Darwinism is going to diminish in influence.

March 15, 2013 (the Ides of March) was a grand day for Christianity and the biblical creation cause.[200]

Also, the prayers of a righteous Christian creationist lady availeth much.

You never lost the right! That is, the right under the First Amendment to pray in any setting, even in a school. [201]

Liberal New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez could not make the Dominican Republic call-girl case go away. Now a grand jury is looking into things. [202] [203]

Vatican decries "left-wing elements" attempting to smear Pope Francis for not stopping a crackdown by the Argentina government against two Jesuit priests.

Conservative Rand Paul "arrived on the stage to Metallica's 'Enter Sandman'" at CPAC. [204]

"Jeb Bush asks to be left out of CPAC straw poll" for president. [205] He's probably afraid that conservative Rand Paul will defeat him.

More liberal censorship: "Biden press staff demanded student reporter delete photos." [206] Liberals rely on controlling and censoring information so people do not learn the truth.

Beware the sweet talking guys, masters of propaganda in any age. [207]

"'Humble' Pope Francis picks up his luggage, pays hotel bill." [208] Why can't Barack and Michelle ever do that??

Bad news for liberals in the election of Pope Francis: "Many people may not like what he says about gays or abortion." [209]

Beware the Ides of March evolutionists. Beware the Ides of March![210]

What would happen if creation evangelism and Christian internet evangelism teams were to start using start of the art methods to promote their messages on the internet? Would Wikipedia lose even more web traffic?[211]

Richard Dawkins went from militant atheism to agnosticism. Now Dawkins says he is a "cultural Christian". We know what is coming next: Richard Dawkins declares that he is a young earth creationist![212]

Much to the dismay of evolutionists, Darwinism will be skewered again. The expansion of creationist outreach into the blogosphere in 2013 will be a magnficant thing to behold![213]

Will political conservatism AND biblical creationism make big strides in their blogosphere outreach in 2013?

Conservative Cardinal Arinze's likelihood of becoming the first black Pope increases, as no one attains a majority on the first ballot. [214]

Is the Department of Homeland Security playing the kid in a candy store? Or preparing to meet civil disobedience with brutal force? More perspectives on the excessive ammunition buys, and tanks for American streets. [215]

Setback for liberal totalitarianism and attempts at a nanny state: "judge shredded nearly every legal argument advanced by the mayor’s lawyers and tossed" limousine liberal Michael Bloomberg's soda ban. [216]

$100 million sell-out to Big Oil: "Al Gore is defending the sale of his television network to Al Jazeera, saying that the Qatari government-run network is 'honest-to-goodness' news." [217] And liberals believed what he claimed about global warming too.

An American professor at a private university encourages Christians to spread the Question evolution! campaign.[218]

"Papal contender joins fight against Obama birth control mandate." [219]

Christianity is moving away from Darwinism.[220]

Journalist says the number of anti-evolution bills is currently skyrocketing in the USA. The pace is going to quicken! [221]

If the evolutionist Barack Hussein Obama is serious about improving the U.S. economy, he should call the young earth creationist Governor Rick Perry whose state is prospering.[222]

The Bible and biblical creation belief is very friendly to private property and private enterprise.[223][224]

Conservapedia proven right about media bullying: African American Dr. Benjamin Carson observes, "The bullies are ... especially the media who like to just beat on anybody who doesn't toe the line ... they suppress freedom of speech." [225]

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) actually says it's "legal to hunt humans." Crazy? No. She's just being just another legislative aristocrat. [226]

How many Christians will there be in 2050? Does history show that reducing Darwinism increases Christian evangelism?[227]

Also, advanced copies of the Question evolution! campaign book for middle school students has been sent young people in America, Canada and Australia and the initial feedback is very positive.

How does the record of Barack Hussein Obama stack up against the indictments given in the Declaration of Independence? [228]

Are we headed for another stock market crash from quantitative easing? [229]

A historical perspective on communism and socialism, from Ronald Reagan and the Founding Fathers. [230]

Rand Paul continues to draw praise, even from unlikely quarters, for his filibuster over the drone warfare program. [231]


Dr. Duane Gish, a creationist pioneer and winner of over 300 debates with evolutionists at college campuses, went to be with his Creator at the age of 92.[232]

Dr. Gish endorsed the Question evolution! campaign and wished to see it "propagated widely". His vision will be implemented in 2013 via the publishing of a Question evolution book and a widespread dissemination effort. [233][234]

An agnostic is given his second comeuppance. A debate challenge gauntlet is thrown down again.[235]

The biblical creationist community is deepening ties with the internet evangelism community. American internet evangelists are giving tens of millions of gospel presentations per year and their endeavors are expanding.[236]

Mrsmithgoestowashington 1.jpg

Rand Paul goes to Washington, in a scene right out of a motion picture (this one). Did he achieve his goal? You decide. [237]

"Another one bites the dust," writes an ABC blog (!) about the resignation by another Dem Senator. [238] The language used by the lamestream media blog suggests even the media want change in the Senate.

A young Christian woman explains why homosexuality is evil and harmful. [239]

The reality of genetic entropy cannot be ignored. Dr. John C. Sanford responds to a pigheaded evolutionist.[240]

Give it up, pro-aborts: Arkansas bans abortion once the unborn child develops a heartbeat. [241]

Creation Ministries International said there was a "huge response" to the Question evolution! campaign in 2012 and they are building on the response with a "Evolution's Achilles' heels" documentary.[242]

An atheist website has been overrun by baboons?[243]

"There is divine justice," observed a Venezuelan after the government acknowledged Hugo Chavez's death. "That man made our lives horrible." [244] But the commies will be brutal there in holding on to power.

A popular activist lambastes the Mainstream Media and gives some instructive history on it. [245]

An atheist website which backed down from a debate offer, appears to be struggling in 2013.[246]

It's time to man up atheists and debate Shockofgod and his biology major friend on the 15 questions for evolutionists.

2013 is already starting out to be a very BAD year for Darwinism and atheism. [247]

Creation.com is now a 68,867 ranked site which means it is the 68,867th most popular website in the world according to Alexa. That's even better than February. Citius, altius, fortius!

New Jersey runs a gun buy back program and, as is typical, brings in "pieces" of junk while doling out tax money to criminals. [248]

Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro.

Hugo Chavez dies. [249]

Bill O'Reilly's latest book project, Killing Jesus, will be less than edifying if O'Reilly doesn't even believe the Bible. [250]

The BBC is spinning tall tales about the early history of the earth and their tales are not credible.[251] Given the UK's deep indebtedness, couldn't British taxpayer money be spent more wisely?

"More than 60 state and local Texas lawmakers signed a letter urging the Boy Scouts of America to maintain policies that support 'family values and moral principles.'" [252] It's no mystery why more people move to Texas than any other state.

Union jack.jpg

Another sign that British Darwinism and British atheism will be brought to their knees.[253]

"Do I look like the kind of guy with a plan?"

Like the Joker, the president just wants to sit and watch the world burn. [254]

"Then, from Egypt to Israel: Now from Russia and the U.S." by Bishop Bert [255]

Crisis hitting Darwinism, atheism and agnosticism - Eurocrisis is causing secular Europe to have falling fertility rates. [256]

Biblical creation belief grows in economic hard times plus can do well in prosperous countries.

Professor at a leading American university says secularism, as a social movement and political worldview, has been in a downward trajectory over recent decades in the United States [257]

The agnostic and British academic Eric Kaufmann says "the rate of secularisation has flattened to zero in most of Protestant Europe and France". Also, Kaufmann writes that secularism "appears exhausted and lacking in confidence".[258]

Conservative Florida legislators stop RINO Governor Rick Scott's attempt to impose ObamaCare's Medicaid expansion on the State. [259]

Massive ammunition buys, innocent-lady practice targets, tanks for urban warfare on American streets, and the de facto President says, "I am not a dictator." An analysis: [260]

"Canadian researchers have succeeded in side-stepping an obstacle of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle" and advancing the prospect of quantum computing. [261] The underlying chaos in this world is an example of Biblical scientific foreknowledge.

Lady creation evangelist keeps spreading the word about Creation.com. [262]

Overrated Sports Star Tiger Woods finishes tied for 37th place, and "on the sixth hole ... he hit his drive so far to the right that the ball was never found." [263]

Hollywood crashes: "Estimated total receipts tumbled 35% from the same three-day period last year, making this weekend the sixth in a row that ticket sales have been down compared with a year ago." [264]

Swiss voters to liberal-run Olympics: get lost, we are not going to pay to have you in our country. "Bid organizers say the project is finished after residents of Graubuenden canton (state) voted Sunday not to approve funding." [265]

Mitt Romney still tries hard not to be socially conservative: "The idea that ... the primary made me become more conservative than I was just isn't - isn't accurate." [266]

Weird and oppressive, the atheist North Korean dictator fails to keep a Christian leader from growing Christianity in North Korea.[267]

Colorado company tells gun control Dems that it will move to another state if the legislation passes. [268] Texas and Wyoming welcome the company, which employs hundreds and generates $85 million in annual business, with open "arms"!

What a creationist group did in Texas, they will do in Louisiana - tenfold.[269]

Will the Louisiana evolutionist Zack Kopplin accept a debate offer or will cowardly evolutionists convince him to back down!

Did Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Democrat of California, say that 170 million jobs would fall to the great sequester? Really?!? [270]

The Republican creationist fertility advantage is growing. [271]

More evidence that UK Darwinism is heading towards extinction.[272]

Religious immigrants putting a strain on UK midwife services. White, liberal Darwinists have empty baby cribs.

Is the two-party system merely a gambit to divide and conquer the people? An offbeat activist makes a compelling case. [273]

"The sequestration order implements 9 percent cuts to non-exempt domestic accounts and a 13 percent cut to defense accounts for the period of March 1 to Oct. 1 this year." [274]

This Sunday, March 3rd, 2013, the History Channel (USA) will premier the first of five 2-hour episodes of the "epic docudrama," The Bible.[275]

"Kill that baby!" The sick, twisted games liberals play in public universities. [276]

Even Brits are getting fed up with the liberal drivel that has crept into their schools from American leftists. British kids don't even know what The Nativity was! [277]

Liberal claptrap from Harry Reid: "we cannot solve the problems of this country with cuts, cuts, cuts." [278] Logic dictates otherwise.

A Christian lady is a very excited creation evangelist. She says, "this is exciting." [279]

Why is young earth creationism so exciting and Darwinist dogma so boring?

Is free speech vanishing? A NASCAR driver is suspended indefinitely for what the bigwigs considered to be an "intolerable and insensitive remark" - and they won't say what the remark was! [280] But the driver said his remark was "in no way meant to be disrespectful or insensitive to anyone."

New Jersey's Governor Chris Christie was caught canoodling with Michelle Obama, in the seat of honor at the 2013 Governor's Ball. This further suggests that he has switched sides. [281]

"Sequester cuts are here to stay." [282] Wasn't the president spending time on the golf course with Tiger Woods recently, rather than leading??

Bitter atheists/evolutionists continue to persecute Christians in North Korea. [283]

Richard Dawkins hides in his intellectual bunny hole when asked to criticize the God of the Koran.[284] See also: Atheism and cowardice

The medical missionary Dr. Robert Gurney turns from his old earth views and now advocates young earth creation belief.[285]

Public school values: a high school sophomore catches a long-time teacher stealing money from students' backpacks, and the principal tells the student to delete the video. [286]

Pope Benedict XVI waves from plane 2008.jpg

Pope Benedict XVI: I offer a warm and affectionate greeting to the English-speaking pilgrims and visitors who have joined me for this, my last General Audience. [287]

"Key provisions of Voting Rights Act appear in jeopardy after high court argument," the lamestream media admit. [288] Massachusetts has lower percentages of black turnout than the South does, yet liberal politicians pretend that federal control of southern elections is still needed.

The Super PAC of limousine liberal Michael Bloomberg pours in $2.2 million to elect a gun control candidate in a heavily Democrat congressional election in Chicago. [289] Too bad for Bloomberg that most Americans are not fooled by that.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie prepares to switch sides – by first going along with Obamacare Medicaid expansion. [290] [291]

Dems focus on Texas to try to make it a swing state with their "Battleground Texas" initiative. [292] How will conservatives respond?

Facebook continues to be the cesspool of the internet: "Lawmakers ask Facebook to remove pages 'exploiting Newtown victims.'" [293]

The Ten Commandments survive another legal challenge, which evaporates when a plaintiff hits the road—literally. Hint: a nomadic plaintiff lacks standing. But a nomadic Ten Commandments will bring The Message out to even more people. [294]

Evolutionary biologists, no jobs for you! [295] See: Worst college majors

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