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The Atheist Experience is a weekly public-access television program and podcast run by the Atheist community of Austin. It is usually hosted by ex-baptist atheist activist Matt Dillahunty, as well as various co-hosts. The show's hosts discuss various religious issues, and take calls from both atheist and religious, usually Christian callers, answering questions and attempt to offer advice, as well as debating on various issues, usually relating to branches of philosophy or theology. The show's hosts make clear that they are not scientists and will therefore usually avoid debates on those scientific facts often disputed between atheists and theists, such as details of cosmology, geology, or biology. Instead they will often direct callers to contact experts in the field in question.

Unicorn In A Box

On 11/07/10, a caller presented the famous (see: shockofgod) "What Proof And Evidence Do You Have Atheism Is Accurate And Correct?": Matt Dillahunty replied "Didn't I explain this in the email?" and went onto to say it was a nonsensical question and used an analogy to explain his position and show how some atheists view claims about theism, effectively providing a similar example to Russell's teapot, but using a different analogy:

I don't know how else i can explain this...but lets imagine that i have this box here [symbolizes a box with his hands] and Don claims that there is a unicorn in this box and I say I don't believe him. I don't need any proof or evidence that my position is true. my position is validated by the fact because he hasn't presented any evidence for his claim. And when I open the box and look inside and don't see this then he tells me it's an invisible unicorn and i mention it wouldn't fit in this box and he says "no it's an invisible miniature unicorn." well i don't feel it. Well it's also intangible. Oh well how do you know it's there? Well because it speaks to me. Okay that's all nonsense He's made a claim and he has failed to provide rational evidence for it. My disbelief is justified by that.[1]

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