The Maltese Falcon

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The Maltese Falcon
Directed by John Huston
Produced by Hal B. Wallis
Written by Dashiell Hammett
John Huston
Starring Humphrey Bogart
Mary Astor
Music by Adolph Deutsch
Cinematography Arthur Edeson
Editing by Thomas Richards
Distributed by Warner Brothers
Release date(s) October 18, 1941
Running time 101 min
Country USA
Language English

The Maltese Falcon is a John Huston movie released in 1941 by Warner Brothers. The film is based on the novel by Dashiell Hammett. Humphrey Bogart's portrayal of the hard-boiled detective Sam Spade set new standards in dark, gritty crime dramas known as film noir, and is considered one of the great films in history. The film was nominated for three Academy Awards: Best Picture, Best Screenplay, and Best Supporting Actor.


A mysterious woman shows up at Spade's detective agency and asks that a man be shadowed; soon that man and Spade's partner wind up dead, with Spade handling a lying woman on one hand, dangerous men on the other, and the object of their lust in the middle: a centuries-old jewel-encrusted statuette known as the Maltese Falcon.


  • Humphrey Bogart (Sam Spade)
  • Mary Astor (Brigid O'Shaughnessy)
  • Peter Lorre (Joel Cairo)
  • Sydney Greenstreet (Kasper Gutman)
  • Lee Patrick (Effie Perine)
  • Ward Bond (Det. Tom Polhaus)
  • Barton MacLane (Det. Lt. Dundy)
  • Jerome Cowan (Miles Archer)
  • Gladys George (Iva Archer)
  • Elisha Cook Jr. (Wilmer Cook)