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An example of O'Reilly's Talking Points Memo

The O'Reilly Factor (also often known as The Factor or The No-Spin Zone) is a Fox News television show hosted by conservative political commentator Bill O'Reilly. This show as of August 2011 is the highest-rated show in cable news. The show features O'Reilly (or a guest host, usually Laura Ingraham or Juan Williams) and guests discussing major issues of that day.


The show has many segments, which some have been discontinued.

  • Talking Points Memo- A daily segment where O'Reilly discusses a key issue in current events with his words appearing as a side note on the screen.
  • Top Story- Usually, O'Reilly has guests discuss the issue brought up in the previous Talking Points Memo section
  • Personal Story- O'Reilly invites someone who wrote a bestselling book, or has made the news in some way, or who has interviewed a newsmaker
  • Miller Time- A Wednesday segment where O'Reilly invites regular guest comedian Dennis Miller on the show. The discussion is generally a lighthearted one on several issues, accompanied with visual gags and movie clips.
  • Barack and a Hard Place- Monica Crowley and Alan Colmes discuss issues related to Barack Obama with O'Reilly
  • Watter's World- Jesse Waters goes out every other Monday and interviews younger people on a current issue
  • Pinheads and Patriots- Daily segment at the end of the program where people in the news are decided if they had done something good (patriot) or bad (pinhead).
  • Factor Viewer Mail-O'Reilly reads bits of emails at the end of the program, often ones that have contrasting viewpoints on the last show
  • Word of the Day- At the last minute of the program, O'Reilly picks an obscure word to challenge the viewer to know or look up

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