The Punic Wars

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Ancient Rome
Historical Periods

Regal period (753 – 509 B.C.)
Republic (509 – 27 B.C.)
Empire (27 B.C. – 395 A.D.)
Western Empire (395 – 476)
Eastern Empire (395 – 1453)

Great Romans

Marius, Cicero, Julius Caesar,
Pompey, Augustus, Trajan,
Diocletian, Constantine,
Augustine, Justinian I

Roman Legacy

Ancient Rome in popular culture

The Punic Wars were a series of three wars fought between the Roman Republic and the Carthaginian Empire. These wars were focused in the western Mediterranean, and stretched off and on from 264 to 146 BC. The term "Punic" refers to Carthage, which was originally a colony of the Phoenicians which grew to become an independent city-state and later empire.

First Punic War 264-241 BC

Second Punic War 218-201 BC

Third Punic War 149-146 BC