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In 2007, Dr. Theo Hobson wrote that atheism is "pretentious and cowardly".[1]

Theo Hobson, PhD is an author who was born in West London.[2] Dr. Theo Hobson studied English literature at York, then later theology at Cambridge.[3] Dr. Hobson did his PhD thesis on Protestant theology and also on rhetoric; and his first book published was the work The Rhetorical Word: Protestant Theology and the Rhetoric of Authority (Ashgate 2002).[4]

In addition, Dr. Theo Hobson wrote the books Against Establishment: an Anglican Polemic (DLT 2003) and Anarchy, Church and Utopia: Rowan Williams on Church (DLT 2005).[5] Dr. Hobson also wrote an essay on atheism published in the Guardian entitled Atheism is Pretentious and Cowardly.[6]

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