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Thomas Everard (died 1781) served as mayor of Williamsburg, Virginia from 1766 to 1767.

Everard was born in London and was orphaned by the age of ten and was admitted to a school for orphans, Christ's Hospital. He was trained in record and bookkeeping. He ended his school days there in 1734 when he was put in the care of his uncle Edward Everard and Edward Athawes, a London merchant. He was apprenticed to Matthew Kemp, a Williamsburg merchant, for seven years. Once his period of apprenticeship was through within a year he was appointed clerk of Elizabeth City County court.

Everard purchased a house and property in the 1750s. This house still stands in present day Williamsburg.

Everard served in many other public offices. He was the clerk of the York County court from 1745 until his death in 1781. He also was a deputy clerk of the General Court, clerk of the Secretary of the Colony's office, and was the mayor of Williamsburg serving twice from 1766 to 1767 and 1771 to 1772.

Everard was a member of the Court of Directors of the Public Hospital. He was married and had two daughters.