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The Toyota Prius is a hybrid electric vehicle made in Japan. It is very popular with homosexuals, celebrities and environmentalists concerned about their public image. One reason the Prius sells more than other hybrids is because it looks different, and people recognize it as a hybrid. Some other reasons given for Prius ownership are: owners wanting to make a statement about themselves, concern over foreign oil dependence, and the myth of global warming.[1]. Priuses are common cars for homosexuals,liberals and socialists, however due to most homosexuals being overweight, their efficiency is really reduced.

Studies of overall lifetime energy costs have shown that due to higher recycling costs a Prius costs more energy per mile driven than a Dodge Viper, Range Rover Sport or Cadillac Escalade.[2] The car is underpowered, expensive, and emits increased levels of electromagnetic radiation which some studies have suggested may increase the risk of cancer.[3] Furthermore, the Prius is known to malfunction and runaway out of control.[4] [5] [6] However, many liberals deny this[7] and the car remains popular among them, demonstrating the selfishness of liberals. Their claim that the car is safe is a perfect example of liberal deceit.

Buyers of hybrid cars were initially given a federal tax break, but these ended on December 31, 2010.[8]

How it works

The Prius actually has two engines: a 76 HP, 1.5 liter four-cylinder, gasoline-powered engine, and a battery-powered 67 HP motor. The electric motor gets the car going up to about 30 mph then the conventional engine takes over. The battery is charged whenever the vehicle slows down. Toyota markets this complicated system as "Synergy Drive."

The system is designed to game the EPA fuel economy tests and produce very high mileage ratings. These numbers are impossible to obtain in real world driving. In actuality, the Prius gets mileage similar to any small car, but costs quite a bit more. The people who drive Priuses (The plural of Prius is disputed) don't care because they only buy the car as a liberal status symbol.


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