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==See Also==  
==See Also==  
*[[Affirmative action]]
*[[Affirmative action]]

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University of California, Los Angeles
City: Los Angeles, CA
Type: public
Sports: Division I
Colors: Blue and Gold
Mascot: Bruin
Website: http://www.ucla.edu/

University of California, Los Angeles (commonly known as just UCLA) is the Los Angeles campus of the University of California system. It's located in the neighborhood of Westwood (notable for its remarkably low crime rate) and is considered along with University of California, Berkeley to be one of the two best, most prestigious, and most selective University of California schools. While applications are open to all, there is a bias in admissions toward students coming from Los Angeles-area public schools because of the notion that many students from these schools are underprivileged. UCLA is sometimes synonymous with affirmative action because of these unfair policies.

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