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We lost, I get that but Democrats have made us enemy #1. Not Al Qaeda, not Russia, not China. Democrats have made Republicans enemy #1 and I choose to call them the enemy and defeat them. I will remain patient. They remain clueless when it comes to what America stands for, they don't understand exceptionalism, economics and liberty. Ultimately their brand is finished, their ideology will be short lived. Just remember the American Revolution pitted the most powerful army in the world against a rag tag group of settlers. We know who won.

Part 1: The implementation of Chicago politics, nationwide, must be stopped. We will not let them rig the system for future Democrat politicians. Recognizing this is the first step in defeating them.

Part 2: The media is the enemy of the rightful owners of this country. I will not rest until they are defeated as well. Fox News makes the list unless they ditch the establishment.

Part 3: The first 10 amendments of the Constitution are made for the people. Use it against the government as they try to steal liberty.

So I end this with a congratulation to Democrats. You weren't proven right, you only won an election. We choose to fight as God as my witness.

Christian Conservatives