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Wallace Robert Benson (December 3, 1916—October 6, 2008), known as Wally Benson, was during World War II an American prisoner of war in Italy. Conscripted into the United States Army in 1941, Benson was captured in 1943 by the German Army at Anzio. He was held prisoner until 1945, when he was freed by invading Russian troops.[1]

Benson was one of four children born to Oscar and Jenny Benson in Eaton in Weld County in northern Colorado. He was reared on a farm west of Greeley, Colorado. He graduated in 1935 from Greeley High School. On March 1, 1947, he married his wife Marion E. Benson (December 21, 1919—January 21, 2007), originally of Tacoma, Washington.[2] Benson graduated in 1952 from Colorado State University at Fort Collins, then known as Colorado A&M. He was employed in Cheyenne, Wyoming, from 1954 to 1980 for the Wyoming Highway Department, having headed the photogrammetry department at the agency.[1]

He and his wife were members of St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Cheyenne. They had relocated in 2006 to Sheridan in northeastern Wyoming in 2006. He was survived by a daughter, Mary Ann Lance, and by a son, Ross Benson.[1]