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Wayne Eugene DuMond (September 10, 1949 - August 31, 2005) was a convicted murderer and rapist from Arkansas. His first known crime was the murder of an elderly man in Oklahoma, although he was not prosecuted because he testified against two other accomplices who had helped in the murder. His next crime was molestation of an under-aged girl in a mall parking lot, which resulted in a five-year sentence. His next crime was rape, but before the trial, the prosecution was dropped because he agreed to undergo counseling.

Rape of Ashley Stevens

Most famously, Dumond raped 17-year old Arkansas cheerleader Ashley Stevens in 1984, who is a distant cousin of Bill Clinton. In March of 1985, before going to trial, Dumond claimed that he had been attacked in his home and castrated. No criminal charges were ever filed for the supposed attack. Dumond was eventually sentenced to life plus twenty years in prison. In September of 1990, Bill Clinton, as the governor of Arkansas, overrode the recommendations of the Arkansas Parole Board to commute the sentence to time already served. Dumond supporters rallied for his release, intimating that Clinton had overridden the recommendations because of his familial relation.


When Bill Clinton left officer as President of the United States, the Lieutenant Governor, Jim Guy Tucker, commuted the sentence to 39.5 years in prison. This allowed Dumond to have access to parole. Mike Huckabee, shortly after taking office, aggressively pushed for the early release of Dumond. Many protested, including victims, victims families, and the state prosecuting attorney. One victim wrote to Huckabee privately, providing her telephone number. Huckabee never called.

Upon his release in 1999, Dumond moved to Missouri and married Terry Sue, a member of a church group that visited him while incarcerated. In 2001, he was arrested for the murder of Carol Sue shields, and was convicted in 2003. In 2005, he died in the Crossroads Correctional Center in Cameron, Missouri, apparently because of cancer to the vocal chords.