World History Homework Eleven

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World History Homework Eleven
Instructor: Andy Schlafly

Read the lecture.

Answer five of the following questions (honors answer seven):

1. Describe an aspect of the Great War that you found to be most interesting, or most influential. Include as an introduction a sentence or two about what the Great War was.

2. Explain the what, why, when, and where of communism.

3. Pick an aspect of science in the early 20th century and discuss it.

4. Pick an aspect of art or literature in the early 20th century and discuss it.

5. Write an essay about any aspect of the lecture.

6. Add three items and descriptions (or five to earn credit for two questions) to the World History Study Guide from 1648.

7. What is your view of secret alliances among nations? Do you think the secret alliances made World War I worse?

8. What is your view of the United States entering World War I?

9. Discuss why the peace after the Great War did not last.

10. Discuss an aspect of nationalism in Eastern, Southern and Southwestern Asia