World History Homework Five

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World History Homework Five
Instructor: Andy Schlafly

Read the lecture.

Answer four of the following questions (honors - answer six of the following):

1. What is the difference between the "Holy Roman Empire" and the Roman Empire?

3. Who was "Charles the Hammer," and why was he important?

4. Explain what feudalism in Western Europe was.

5. How many "pillars" of Islam are there? Pick two of them and discuss them briefly.

6. Discuss one of the major civilizations or tribes in Central and South America in the lecture, and contrast it with another major civilization or tribe from that area.

7. Discuss feudalism and religion in Japan.

8. Write an essay about any aspect of the lecture.

9. What was the Carolingian Court?

10. Add 3 terms to the Study Guide (or 5 terms to earn credit for two questions).