World History Homework Nine

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World History Homework Nine
Instructor: Andy Schlafly

Read the lecture.

Answer any five questions (seven for honors):

1. Now that you've taken the midterm exam, how might you improve when you take the final exam at the end of this course?

2. Summarize the French Revolution.

3. Write a brief essay on the religious wars in England.

4. Add three terms and descriptions to the "World History Study Guide from 1648" (the one for the second half of this course). If you add five terms and descriptions, then that will be credit for two questions.

5. What is your view of revolutions in world history? Include several examples in your answer.

6. Comment on music or art history.

7. What is your view of Napoleon? In your answer, discuss some of his achievements.

8. Write a short essay about any aspect of the lecture.

9. Describe the Congress of Vienna and its significance.