World History Homework One

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World History Homework One
Instructor: Andy Schlafly

Read the lecture, and reread it if that would help your understanding.

For written assignments, this course has two tracks: Honors and regular. The Honors track is for those who want to excel on a College Board exam, or are simply interested in history and want to learn more about it. Students can try the Honors track and then drop back to the regular track later if they like, so there is no harm in attempting the Honors track.

At any time you can earn extra credit by editing (improving) the Study Guide for this course (email the instructor if you are unable to set up an account):

Written answers to the following questions are due by email in one week:

Answer 4 of the following 6 questions:

1. Specify the approximate time period for this lecture, and identify three of the most important events that happened during it, along with their approximate dates.

2. Which do you think was the most important concept discovered or developed in ancient times? Explain, including a time period and the significance of the concept.

3. What is "prehistory", and how long do you think it lasted? Explain with reasons. This question is asking for your opinion, not what others might say.

4. Identify one of the major ancient empires mentioned in the lecture, and describe basic information about it. Include in your answer a comparison with any of the other ancient empires mentioned in the lecture.

5. There are several tables in the lecture containing various estimated dates. Pick one of those estimated dates and explain either why it surprises you, why you think it may be wrong, or why you know it is correct.

6. Write an essay of at least 150 words in length on any aspect of the lecture.

Honors Questions (complete 1 out of 2):

7. Write a longer essay (400 words rather than 150 words) for your answer to question 6. (A 400-word essay gives credit for both questions 6 and 7).

8. Which matters most to the success of an ancient empire: its technology, its laws, its language, or its geography? Explain, with specific examples.

Extra Credit (regular or Honors):

9. What is your favorite mystery about the ancient world, and what do you think explains it? Some suggested possibilities include:

  • How did language develop?
  • How did the ancient Hebrews discover monotheism?
  • When, how and who invented the wheel?
  • How did the Egyptians build the enormous pyramids?
  • What caused the collapse of ancient empires?