World History Homework Three

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World History Homework Three
Instructor: Andy Schlafly

Read the lecture.

Answer any four of these six questions:

1. List the major ancient empires of China, including the time periods and major leaders.

2. List the major ancient empires of India, including the time periods and major leaders.

3. Explain what this is:
Yin yang.jpg

4. Pick one of the religions in this week's lecture and discuss it, including where it fits in as to popularity and influence among all the world religions.

5. Which intellectual insight or breakthrough discussed in this week's lecture is most important, and why?

6. Write an essay of 150 words or more on any topic related to this week's lecture, or enter 3 key terms in the Study Guide with descriptions.

Honors Questions (answer any 2 of the following)

H1. Write an essay as requested in question 6, but make it 500 or more words (or add 6 key terms in the Study Guide with descriptions).

H2. Discuss a difference between a belief system and a religion, in your view, and give some examples from this week's lecture.

H3. How do you think the major belief systems of today, as ranked in the lecture, will rank in 100 years?

H4. The lecture raises the possibility that Mark, the author of one of the Gospels, was being homeschooled by his mother as she followed Jesus, and that John, the author of another Gospel, was a teenager when he was an Apostle. What is your view? Discuss.