World History Homework Twelve

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World History Homework Twelve
Instructor: Andy Schlafly

Read the lecture.

This is the final written assignment of the course. Answer five of the following (seven for honors):

1. List, by order of influence, who you think were the five most influential persons in all of world history.

2. List, by order of influence, what you think were the five most influential "breakthroughs" or ideas in all of world history.

3. Compare and contrast World War II to World War I, focusing on their causes and effects rather than specific battles.

4. Add three terms and descriptions (five for credit for two questions) to the Study Guide.

5. Write an essay of at least 200 words on any aspect of world history.

6. Describe the role played by cryptology in World War II, including discussion of the "Enigma".

7. Does history repeat itself? Explain, with some examples.

8. After taking this course, what do you think about world history helps predict the future? Include a specific example.

9. Who was right, President Truman or General Douglas MacArthur? Explain.

10. Discuss any issue or controversy related to World War II.