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1. World War II: when, where, who and why? Explain.

World War II began in 1939, when Germany invaded Poland and Great Britain and France declared war on Germany. It ended on August 15th, 1945, when Japanese Emperor Hirohito accepted the Potsdam Declaration, which called for unconditional surrender. It was fought in Europe and the Pacific, as these were the locations of the greatest instigators of the war. Several great world leaders were involved including, Winston Churchill of Britain, Joseph Stalin of Russia, Adolf Hitler of Germany, Franklin Roosevelt of America, Benito Mussolini of Italy and Emperor Hirohito of Japan. It was the result of rising nationalism in both Germany and Japan, in which fascism played a large role.

Terrific answer, could use as a model!

2. Compare and contrast communism and fascism, with at least two examples of how they are similar and two examples of how they differ.

Fascism and communism are very different in many ways.

Communism Fascism
sought a worldwide revolution to

abolish national identity; equality

sought to advance their country

above the others; to be the most powerful

did not like wealth encouraged wealth to make the

nation stronger

opposed social classes encouraged social classes
believed complete equality thought their nation was superior

Though communism and fascism are very different, there are also many likenesses between them.

- both used a dictator

- did not encourage individual freedom and human rights

- both stressed the collective

Superb answer. Fantastic. May use as a model!

3. Why do you think Hitler and his supporters killed so many people? Explain.

Hitler's motive was largely due to his belief in the theory of evolution. Evolution said that different human races were like social classes, with one race being 'better' than some others. On the bottom were Jews and Blacks, whom Hitler considered little more than animals. Hitler's beliefs drove him to create a master race, which would be the ultimate specimen of Evolution. You could probably consider him the ultimate 'mad scientist'. =D

Good analysis of the role played by the theory of evolution. Hitler and his PhD scientists did order many cruel experiments on humans, as falsely guided by the theory of evolution.

SUBSTITUE: H1. Why did genocide tragically kill so many more people in the 20th century than in the rest of world history combined?

So many more people were killed in the 20th century because of the many recent advancements in technology and the breakdown of moral character. The roaring twenties were recent history in America, and secular entertainments and un-clean ideas were beginning to emerge, and the previously clear lines between right and wrong were becoming a strangely gray area. Hitler was killing to eliminate a race, while previous battles were being fought for freedom, or to overcome and control another country. Hitler did not care to use these people as slaves, or to induct them into his new world. He wanted to eliminate them, and nearly succeeded.

Interesting analysis and insights, particularly about the breakdown of morality.

5. Describe any aspect of the Cold War or the Korean War or the Spanish Civil War (with reference to Orwell, if you like).

The Cold War was the aftermath of World War II. Many countries held large grudges against the victorious nations. It is referred to as 'cold' because no shots were fired. It was psychological warfare at it's height. During this war these was constant fear of nuclear bombs, which technology was perfecting. Bombing drills were held at schools routinely, and the world was living in s=constant fear of falling over the brink into World War III.

Excellent description. Note: "its height," not "it's height."

6. How did technological advances or insights help the Allied forces? Be specific.

The atomic bomb was one of the most important technological advances for the Allies in World War II. Gruesome and appalling though it is, if America had not developed this research, World War II might have escalated to become much worse than it already was.


7. Should the United States have entered World War II in Europe? Discuss.

Yes, I think the United States was right to enter World War II. Hitler was, in my opinion, a mad-man, who would have stopped at nothing to create his perfect race. If America had not stepped in and stopped him, I think he would have succeeded in destroying all that the world holds dear today. America is the hope of many nations, and what would be the point of having a country of freedom, if the rest of the world was united as one terrible allegiance? America would not exist today if they had not fought and won World War II.

Good analysis.
Terrific answers, among the best in the entire class! 70/70. Good, strong finish to the homework!--Andy Schlafly 09:39, 3 May 2009 (EDT)