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Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) was founded by Bill Buckley in 1960 as a conservative student group on college campuses. The organization split apart in the 1980s but nominally still exists.

In 1962, Ronald Reagan joins the YAF National Advisory Board. He eventually become YAF’s Honorary National Chairman,a relationship that would last for over forty years. In 1969, YAF launches an all out attack on the Students for a Democratic Society.[1] At the 1969 YAF annual convention, there was a break between traditionalists and libertarians, with the Libertarians leaving to form the Libertarian Party.[1] Also in 1969, the predecessor to the Young America's Foundation was established.

In 1974, YAF and the American Conservative Union (ACU) found the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the largest annual gathering of conservative leaders in America.[1]

The Young America's Foundation still conducts events at the Reagan Ranch in California.

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  • Gregory Schneider. Cadres for Conservatism: Young Americans for Freedom and the Rise of the Contemporary Right (1998)


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