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In the News. what the MSM isn't fully covering.

The fake medical testimony of "positional asphyxia" used to convict Derek Chauvin was described by Wikipedia as unproven and dubious until its entry was changed once prosecutors overrode the official autopsy to charge Chauvin with it. [1]

Anarchy advances as Leftists put every policeman at risk of life in prison. Hired protesters, crackpot "experts" espousing bogus medical claims, and false accusations of racism undermine the right to a fair trial.

Did Representative Chip Roy (R-Texas) just present a manifesto for Texit? Read the transcript here and judge for yourselves. [2]

Another white police officer takes criticism, this time for stopping a crime in progress, just because the perpetrator was black. And when the exculpatory evidence, in the form of bodycam footage, becomes incontrovertible, BLM activists respond with: "That is none of your business!" [3]

"3 other Minneapolis police officers await trial" in the George Floyd matter, two of whom are minorities and the third was a white cop who tried to help Floyd. [4] How does this fit the liberal narrative???

"Florida Rep. Anthony Sabatini calls Derek Chauvin verdict 'mob justice.'" [5] Amid much-criticized liberal publicity during trial, will defense tactics change?

What price diversity? In education, it means dispensing with qualifications – and now with good teaching. [6]

As Netflix increasingly turns to Leftist programming, its "Shares plunge as subscribers switch off." [7]

Why would anyone watch Netflix now that Sony has acquired Pure Flix and now the company has plenty of cash to create new family friendly content?[8]

"Panic Time: NBA Fast-Approaching Historic Ratings Lows." [9]

By a narrow 216-210 vote along party lines, the House tabled the resolution to censure Maxine Waters (D-CA), whose pre-verdict comments sparked criticism by even the judge in the Derek Chauvin trial. [10]

False liberal narrative disproven: Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick died of natural causes with no external or internal injuries, contrary to what the New York Times reported. [11]

The Texit debate heats up as the legislative deadline approaches. A detailed FAQ on whether Texas may legally secede, and what that would actually mean. [12]

The 19-year-old young mass murderer in Indianapolis was addicted to a television cartoon having a sick following, as he posted about on Facebook shortly before his shooting spree. [13]

Jen "Um ah" Psaki is a national disgrace as a White House Press Secretary.[14][15][16][17]

Boycott Jen "um ah" Psaki so Joe Biden is forced to hire a press secretary who can actually speak English and not some pathetic excuse for the English language!

Orwell, atheism, and totalitarianism.[18]

Setback for Hollywood values: Daily Beast reports that "Gucci Clan Thinks Hollywood Stars Not Fit to Play Them." [19]

He wrecked the Republican Party before Trump revived it: "George W. Bush Renews Amnesty Push for Illegal Immigrants." [20]

Liberal denial: no one is reporting on how the 19-year-old young mass murderer spent his time and to what he was addicted before he went on a shooting rampage that killed 8.

Coronavirus vaccines are producing more than their share of side effects, many of them fatal. But the Mainstream Media aren't telling the story. [21]

Liberal narrative is not working by suggesting that the latest murderous rampage was somehow a hate crime, while the liberal media fails to investigate to what the isolated 19-year-old shooter may have been addicted. [22]

The worst misjudgment by Joe Biden might be of Russia. He has alienated Russia and irritated a real war leader - Vladimir Putin - who knows better. [23]

Young mass murderer at the Indianapolis FedEx facility was 19 years old, and the British press should soon report on whether he had a violent video game or marijuana addiction.

"Twitter Permanently Blacklists James O’Keefe After CNN Expose." [24]

Vaccine gravy train for Big Pharma, despite how it has not stemmed the pandemic: "Pfizer CEO says third Covid vaccine dose likely needed within 12 months," hints that annual vaccination against Covid may be pushed. [25]

"Wall Street, Corporations Team Up with Soros-Funded Group to Pressure States Against Election Reforms." [26]

Liberal puppet "NCAA Signals That It May Pull Championships from States That Protect Women’s Sports." [27]

Leftists continue takeover of big corporations: "Hundreds ... Including Starbucks, Netflix, Sign Letter Opposing Election Integrity Laws." [28]

More about Joe Biden's appointments and policies that are unfriendly to Jewish interests, this although he still managed to get a large portion of the Jewish vote. Or did he? [29]

Setback for vaccine police: FDA, CDC Call for Immediate Pause of Johnson & Johnson Coronavirus Vaccine. [30]

Public school teacher values: "California teacher goes off on students on Zoom over parents' push for in-person classes," reports USA Today.

Vaccine promoter Anthony Fauci says the vaccinated should still wear masks, and not eat or drink at indoor gatherings. [31] COVID-19 infections have increased with the increases in vaccination.

Greatest Conservative Sports Star Herschel Walker implies that he'll run in the big Georgia U.S. Senate race, with Trump's full support. [32]

"'Dumb son of a bitch': Trump rips McConnell at Mar-a-Lago," and rightly excoriates do-nothing Mike Pence too. [33]

Vaccine police meet liberal logic: students, but not faculty, are being required to receive the COVID vaccine in order to return to campus. [34]

Setback for Never-Trumpers: Georgia Lt. Gov. reportedly won't seek reelection, after having ranted against Trump. [35]

Restaurant patrons stand with owner against health authorities in British Columbia, Canada over coronavirus rules. [36]

Confused, incoherent Joe Biden took much longer than other nations to send standard condolences to Britain over the passing away of Prince Philip. [37]

How Big Tech, big media, and big government work together to lie to the American people about the intentions of government and the effects of government policy. [38]

Former New York Yankees star David Wells — who pitched a rare perfect game — boycotts Leftist-controlled MLB and declares, “I don’t watch baseball anymore.” [39]

Demonic NFL produces another murderous rampage: a 32-year-old -- the second ex-Patriots player accused of murder -- allegedly killed 5 and himself in S.C., despite being a good kid growing up. [40] But the liberal media covers up for the liberal NFL.

Fake conservative of the week: Matt Gaetz, who sponsored a bill in 2015 to repeal the ban on adoption by homosexual couples in Florida [41], and who wants easier access to marijuana.

HuffPost: "Joe Manchin Says He Will Not Vote To Eliminate Filibuster." [42]

Setback for liberal court packing scheme: "Left-Wing Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer Warns Against Court-Packing: It Will ‘Diminish’ Confidence." [43]

An NRA member calls for a Paul Revere-like campaign to stop the mis-called "For the People Act" from becoming law. [44]

Friendship fails when the other party is deceptive. This holds especially for liberal deceit or the support of same. [45]

Liberal double standard: "MLB Requires Photo ID to Pick Up Tickets Yet Blasts Georgia for Voter ID Law." [46]

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott rebukes Leftist-controlled Major League Baseball: Texas will not seek to host MLB events, and Abbott won't throw the first pitch. [47]

Global warming hysteria: "Google Maps to Start Directing Drivers to ‘Eco-Friendly’ Routes," and that will be the default in its app. [48]

The Joe Biden Infrastructure Bill appropriates $20 billion to tear up some highways. In fact those would be pilot projects for rewilding. How soon before they started tearing up infrastructure in Red State areas, whether they wanted it or not? Wasn't that the idea behind Agenda 21? [49] More than that: it gives Texas casus belli and all the more reason for Texit. [50]

Leftists at Major League Baseball could even move its All-Star game to China!!! "MLB Doesn’t Signal Plans to Move Facility from China."[51]

Liberal claptrap claims that the pulling of the All-Star game will cost the Georgia county $100M, but it involves only 8,000 room nights. [52] The Super Bowl is a money-loser for cities and some do not even want it.

The promoter of Texit asks a pertinent question: what if Texas were an independent country, and someone proposed a bill for Texas annexation today? How attractive would that be? [53]

Atlanta Braves criticize and repudiate the MLB's pullout from Georgia. [54] Time for a new league?

Here's how New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's employees may have learned they'd be working for free on a book for which the governor was handsomely paid: Andrew Cuomo breaks the news.

Trump calls for a boycott of Major League Baseball, for moving All-Star game from Georgia. [55]

Why did Franklin Graham suggest that Jesus Christ would use a vaccine against coronavirus? Did he forget that Jesus had the power to heal? Or that the proponents of the vaccine have dubious connections and histories? [56]

Not a Trump supporter perpetrated Friday's deadly attack at the Capitol, reports the New York Post.

Vaccine passports – latest iteration on internal passports by dictatorial governments. Even people on the left are raising their voices against them. [57]

Leftist takeover of professional sports continues: Biden wants baseball to move its All-Star game out of Georgia, as retaliation for passing a (weak) election integrity law. [58]
UPDATE: MLB panders to the Left by moving the game (and draft) out of Georgia.

Why 'Global Britain' may be a pipe dream.[59]

Post-fall of the British Empire, Britain has been losing influence in the world more and more. This is one of the reasons why so many people in the world do not know who Alan Turing is. Why isn't Margaret Thatcher being put on British currency?

"Experts believe coronavirus variants will make vaccines ineffective within ONE YEAR," discloses the British press in a story censored in the U.S. [60]

The Texas Deep Freeze revealed the bad effects of federal subsidies for infrastructure. The issue in Texas was wind power, but it applies double and triple to the Joe Biden $3 trillion infrastructure plan. [61]

Liberal double standard: nearly 5 months after the election, the Dem congressional candidate finally concedes defeat in Iowa -- and Politico refuses to criticize her for not accepting defeat sooner. [62]]

Demons reign at White House: days after biting people, "One of Biden’s Dogs Defecated on Floor Outside White House Diplomatic Room." [63]

Setback for the mask police: "Wisconsin Supreme Court Strikes Down Democrat Governor’s Mask Mandate." [64]

Liberal logic: "Cuomo admin. kept COVID tests from nursing homes as gov’s kin got them." [65]

How to settle the debate on whether election fraud occurred, or did not occur, in the 2020 Presidential Election. If it didn't, why are the Democrats so hot-to-trot to pass a law to make it easier? [66]

The Christian scholars at Gordon-Conwell Seminary at the Center For Global Christianity report that the Christian population is expected to grow about 5 times faster than the atheist population in the world in 2021.[67] By 2050 or sooner, the atheist population is expected to plateau and then later decline (see: Desecularization).

There is growing antipathy towards atheistic, mainland China in the world (see: Atheism and China). China has the biggest atheist population in the world and most atheists are East Asians (see: Asian atheism).

2021 is going to be a fantastic year for Christendom and a very, very lackluster year for atheists.

The Biden Administration is secretly developing a "vaccine passport" to restrict access to public places, theaters, airlines, restaurants, schools, etc. [68]

"Almost 60 Percent of Adults Oppose Biden’s Border Chaos," says ABC-sponsored poll. [69]

Mask police run amok: "Fauci Warns Parents about Children Playing Together Without Masks." [70] admits that anti-Trump, did-nothing-meaningful-for-election-integrity Brad Raffensperger has ZERO chance of being reelected now, and that it is difficult to find even a single official who supports him. [71]

Best of the public: expected to finish last in the Pac-12, low-seeded Oregon State advances to the Elite Eight in March Madness. [72]

Potheads not welcome: "Upscale Detroit Restaurant Tells People Not to Come in Smelling Like Marijuana." [73] The pungent odor of the drug is worse than cigarettes.

The latest protests against the coronavirus lockdown regimes in the United States and elsewhere. [74]

Even before that awful press conference, the Biden-Harris administration became a geopolitical disaster. We need only look at two recent incidents involving Russia and China. [75]

"Biden Had Cheat Sheets that Included Photos of Reporters to Identify Them — It Was This Bad!" [76]

Atheistic Britain advances the homosexual agenda by oddly placing the obscure -- but homosexual -- Alan Turing on their 50-pound note. [77]

Cycling UK reports that over half of local authorities in Britain have seen their budget for road maintenance fall over the past five years. As a result, just 7% of councils fill in potholes – which increases the amount of vehicle damage and the risk of accidents (see: United Kingdom's road repair crisis).[78] Britain can't even master road repair, much less lead the world in computer science.

Senility-in-Chief: view Biden's first press conference after avoiding it for a record 65 days: [79]
UPDATE: the foggy Biden says almost nothing, pretends that he will run for reelection in 2024. and blames Trump for virtually everything!

Setback for liberal censorship: Bernie Sanders criticizes Twitter's ban of Trump, and observes that "tomorrow it could be somebody else who has a very different point of view." [80]

Liberal denial continues about Boulder massacre: "Motive still unclear in Boulder mass shooting," screams a CBS News headline [81] despite explanations of the motive in the British press.

While liberals distort the Boulder massacre, look to the British press: the young mass murderer "had complained about being 'hacked' by 'racist Islamophobes' on social media," and he hated Donald Trump. [82]

TexitTexas independence – has its opposition, but not very informed opposition. In fact it comes from two RINOs who don't understand or don't want to understand how much "President" Biden has broken the United States as a union. [83]

Yet again, it is only the British press that tells the truth about the mass murder of 10 in Colorado: the suspect is a paranoid immigrant from Syria who liked video games and complained about "racist Islamophobic people." [84]

Another tragic mass murder in the Boulder, Colorado area; the suspect is reportedly in custody yet information about his motives is too slow in being released.

Setback for election fraud: pro-Trump Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA) runs against doesn't-restore-election-integrity Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. [85]

Cancel culture is about attacking the family, both deprecating the idea of family and splitting specific families. The goal is to replace "family" with "State" as the shaper of lives. [86]

Conservapedia proven right, again: the fake news that the Atlanta spa killings were a hate crime is rejected by investigators based on the evidence. [87] Liberal denial downplays that pornography incited the horrible crimes.

Wild partying by spring breakers who ignore the Leftist mask requirement and early curfew in Miami Beach results in the SWAT team moving in to make arrests. [88]

"The hottest ticket in social media": Trump's top communications advisor announces that Trump will return with his own platform. [89]

More Leftist hypocrisy: "White House confirms firing of 5 employees based on marijuana use," while promoting policies to expand drug use elsewhere. [90]

Latest Texit news and readiness assessment. Texas is doing many of the right things but could do more to challenge the craziness in Washington. [91]

"Democrats Block GOP Bill to Test Illegal Immigrants for COVID-19." [92]

Setback for Hollywood values: "U.S. Box Office Cratered 80 Percent in 2020." [93]

The latest from Israel and the coronavirus vaccine – why do they follow the advice of Bill Gates? [94]

Why does Jill Biden continue to push Joe Biden to do a job of which he is not capable? And who is waiting in the wings? Kamala Harris, maybe? [95]

The economic plan, if the Joseph Biden administration has one, is doomed to failure. Is failure the intent of that plan? [96]

Senile Joe Biden falls multiple times, has trouble orienting and pulling himself up, but liberals pretend he is "100% fine." [97]

Globalist wife of RINO Mitch McConnell incites false depiction of Atlanta shooting as a hate crime, simply because six victims happened to be Asian. [98] Pornography caused the violence as determined by investigators and the suspect's reported statements.

Fake news that the Atlanta shooting was somehow a hate crime continues to be falsely pushed by the liberal media, despite how investigators have debunked it. [99]

Radical pro-abort, pro-gun control Xavier Becerra, who has no health care experience, is confirmed by a 50-49 vote in the Senate to become Secretary of Health and Human Services. [100]

Young Mass Murderer in Atlanta -- who is accused of killing 8 at spas -- was addicted to online sex websites. [101]

Why atheism and science do not mix. [102]] See also: Atheism and science

In addition, see our new essay: Dancing on the grave of the atheist movement

Catastrophe at the border due to Biden's pro-immigration stance: "CBS News reports U.S. Border Patrol officials are holding more than 13,000 unaccompanied migrant children in custody along the Rio Grande." [103]

Censured! The Alaska Republican State Central Committee just censured Trump-hater Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), and looks for a challenger to defeat her for reelection in 2022. [104] Chaos at Mexican border shows how wrong Murkowski was to oppose Trump.

"Newsom says California recall likely to qualify, tries to soften" his pledge replace Sen. Dianne Feinstein with a black woman. [105]

Crisis at the Mexican border: "Southwest border crossings on pace for highest levels in 20 years, Biden admin says." [106]

Chaos under Biden: "More than 4,000 unaccompanied migrant children in Border Patrol custody," CNN admits. [107]

Liberal Dems step up their assault on the long-established filibuster rule in the U.S. Senate, as second-in-command Dick Durbin (D-IL) endorses removing it and allowing only brief talking filibusters. [108]

Trump appears by surprise at a campaign event for Sarah Sanders, his former press secretary who is running for governor of Arkansas. [109]

"LAUGHABLE: Liberal Media Claims Comedians Just Can’t Find A Way To Make Fun Of Joe Biden." [110]

Setback for mask police and other Leftist tyranny: hordes of college students enjoying spring break on Miami Beach act "disorderly", and 100 are arrested. [111]

Liberal totalitarianism runs amok: "Duke University undergrads ordered to stay in place all week as Covid-19 cases spike." [112]

Congressional party support for Joe Biden is the lowest for a first-term Dem president since 1885, when Grover Cleveland entered the White House. [113]

California Governor Gavin Newsom signs a new law expanding judicial discretion in whether or not a convicted sex offender must register. This lowers the penalties such offenders face, even against children, and hints at lowering the age of consent. [114]

Chinese court backs publisher of textbook calling homosexuality a 'psychological disorder'. Another setback for the homosexual agenda.

China faces a grave demographic winter after its disastrous one-child policy and it is eager to get its fertility rate up.[115][116] Liberals/leftists, don't expect atheist controlled, mainland China to embrace homosexuality anytime soon! See also: Atheism and fertility rates

Joe Biden is slammed for taking credit for COVID-19 vaccine, not thanking Donald Trump.[117]

Also, see our new essay: Atheists and their fear of small collections of genetic code that are surrounded by a protein coat

Three UK government LGBT advisers quit because they failed to get the UK government to ban conversion therapy. Yet another setback for the homosexual agenda. Time is running out. The evangelical, pentecostal and Muslim religious communities are growing in the UK.

Read our new essay: Attention British, militant atheists! Brace yourself for the mighty, religious wave that is coming

Finally, after being criticized for their silence, the two New York liberal Senators Chuck Schumer & Kirsten Gillibrand call on the lecherous tin-pot Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign. [118] We don't care that his dad Mario Cuomo was a liberal icon.

Is cancel culture causing the disintegration of the American national identity? Could that be its goal? [119]

Greatest Conservative Sports Star Vladimir Putin calls the Capitol protests on January 6th a "stroll", in mockery of liberal lies about that day. He also criticizes the dysfunction of the Biden regime. [120]

Setback for liberal double standard: Congressional Dems, including AOC, join chorus demanding that Leftist Gov. Andrew Cuomo resign. [121]

Atheist-controlled, mainland China admits its men have become too feminine. China promotes education drive to make boys more 'manly'.[122]

Of course, this further demonstrates that atheist men often lack mental toughness. See: Atheism and mental toughness

Joe Biden looks dazed during his national address tonight as he reads a simplified pro-vaccine speech from the teleprompter, yet still bungles words like calling the CDC the "CD". [123]

"German Publisher Kowtows to the CCP, Destroys Copies of ‘China Virus’ Children’s Book." [124]

“Much Younger” Female Aide Says New York State Govenor Andrew Cuomo Reached Under Her Blouse and Fondled Her at Executive Mansion.[125][126]

Setback for homosexual agenda: "Poll Shows Broad Support for Banning Transgender Athletes from Women’s Sports, Even Among Dems." [127]

Greatest Conservative Sports Star Hershel Walker, #12 in all-purpose yardage but excluded by the demonic NFL from its Hall of Fame, is asked by Trump to run for the U.S. Senate in Georgia. [128]

High cost of Worst College Majors: "Growth Rate of Student Loan Debt Doubles During Coronavirus Pandemic." [129]

San Francisco cancels 50th anniversary LGBTQ+ Pride parade amid the coronavirus pandemic. Another silver lining in the dark cloud of the coronavirus pandemic.

Milo Yiannopoulos is now an ex-homosexual.[130] Another setback for the homosexual agenda.

Biden completes "his 48th day in office without holding a solo press conference," longer than any prior president in at least 100 years. [131]

Perilous faults on the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge: Andrew Cuomo’s next scandal?[132]

Another Andrew Cuomo sex harass complaint as aide becomes sixth woman to accuse the New York State governor.[133]

Getting ready for Texit: where the Independence Referendum bill now stands, and what Texans are doing right now that will make them ready for it. [134]

Hillary Clinton calls the British press "outrageous", and she slams the royal family for supposedly "not supporting" a "young woman who was just trying to live her life." [135] Remarkable how liberals stand up for each other!

"Georgia Fails To Produce Chain Of Custody For 404,000 Absentee Ballots Months After Contested Election." [136]

"Trump Promises to Travel to Alaska and Campaign Against Dead Weight RINO Lisa Murkowski." [137]

God Has a Sense of Humor: the name of the leader of the petition drive to recall the tin-pot Leftist California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who has wrecked small businesses, is "Randy Economy." Mr. Economy just announced he has 1.95M signatures to recall Newsom, far more than needed. [138]

Five women now accuse New York Governor Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment. Cuomo says there is "no way" that he will resign.[139]

State Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins calls for Cuomo to resign.[140]

Liberal double standard: Dem tyrant Gov. Andrew Cuomo refuses to resign, while two more women recount unwanted sexual advances by him, bringing the total to five. [141]

Miracles drive one of the world's fastest-growing churches.[142] See also: Atheism and miracles

Race war? Is this the goal of the Democrat Party? [143]

Senility-in-Chief: "Joe Biden Is First President in 40 Years to Not Hold Formal Question-Answer Session by This Point in Term." [144]

A pediatrician offering alternative medicine offers a stark warning NOT to take any vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 or any other pathogen. He joins a growing chorus of doctors questioning the wisdom of immunization generally and particularly in the present case. [145]

Federal court invalidates the post-deadline ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, and the liberal media is speechless in failing to report this news. [146]

Who is minding the nuclear war launch codes?!? Thirty-one members of the United States House of Representatives proposed a thoroughly unworkable alternative to Presidential authority to launch nuclear weapons on warning. Maybe they realize they have good cause for concern. [147] Or maybe the next step is to invoke the Twenty-Fifth Amendment.

Darwinian British breakthrough? "Pigs can play video games with their snouts," in what the scientists herald as “no small feat.” [148]

Google Trends: Google USA searches for the terms "atheist" and "atheism" are at a 16 year low.[149]

2021 is going to be a TERRIBLE year for American, militant atheists. See: Google trends - Atheism and agnosticism terms and American atheism and Decline of the atheist movement

Setback to liberal censorship: "Dr. Seuss Books to Remain on Shelves at New York Public Library: We Don’t Censor Books." [150]

No election fraud?? "Judge Orders Election Do-Over after 78% of Mail-in Ballots Proved Fraudulent — Notary Arrested." [151]

No surprise here amid liberal denial: "13 people killed in California SUV crash came through hole in border fence." [152] Note how the headline omits "illegal aliens."

"PLAYING GOD: Head of MODERNA Says That They are Hacking the Software of Life and Rewriting Genetic Code: Transhumanism 101." [153]

Setback for liberal censorship: more than 31 million watched Donald Trump's speech at CPAC live on social media, while the small audience for the liberal Golden Globes fell by 60%. [154]

Setback for the vaccine police: "New Orleans archdiocese calls for Catholics to avoid Johnson & Johnson vaccine" because it is immorally based on abortion. [155]

Third woman accuses New York Governor Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment.[156]

Surge at the border requires three times as many arrests of illegal aliens as when Donald Trump was president. [157]

Pope Francis actually predicts a second Great Flood if the people of Earth don't curtail their economic activity. This after discounting the Flood story as a myth! [158]

Liberal charade continues: "Joe Biden Botches Democrats’ Names, Asks ‘What Am I Doing Here?’" [159]

Did you catch this? (the British press did): "Trump calls Melania the 'future first lady' in surest sign he is NOT done." [160]

"A Republican president will make a triumphant return to the White House, and I wonder who that will be. ... Who, who, who will that be?" declared Trump. See speech highlights. 55% voted for Trump in the CPAC straw poll.

Trump says he may run to win the White House for the third time, in his enthusiastic speech today lasting far more than an hour and covering nearly every topic.

Donald Trump begins his race to retake the White House in 2024 with his historic speech at CPAC. Imagine a second term unburdened by his inept advisers who have been outed.

Second former aide accuses New York State Govenor Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment.[161] Finally, the bully Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been exposed.[162]

Leftist Bill Maher rings alarm bells on his side about Trump: "The shark is not gone. We need a bigger boat." [163]

"Progressives fume over Senate setbacks." [164] They are slow to realize that the globalist elite want their votes, not their agenda.

Kamala Harris returns home and finds a welcoming committee — of two! How does that square with her and Biden getting 80 million votes? [165]

"Donald Trump Jr. attacks Cheney at CPAC: 'Lincoln Project Liz.'" [166]

Should Governor Andrew Cuomo face impeachment and removal from office? Yes, for the COVID-19 nursing home death cover-up alone, even without the sexual harassment allegations. [167]

Setback for vaccine police: "Federal law prohibits employers and others from requiring vaccination with a Covid-19 vaccine," because it is distributed under an EUA. [168]

Mental confusion pervasive among top Dems: "Pelosi mistakes Wisconsin senator Ron Johnson for ‘Miami Vice’ star Don Johnson." [169]

Liberal double standard, again: "Andrew Cuomo accused of years of sexual harassment advances," but Dems defend him. [170]

Republicans ‘Becoming the Party of Blue-Collar Americans,’" while Dems become the party of the liberal media and opponents of free speech. [171]

Setback for liberal Electoral fraud: "Georgia GOP Senate Passes Bill Requiring ID for Absentee Voting." [172]

Is CNN callous about Tiger Woods for not being a Never-Trumper? CNN anchor offends by saying he is "not surprised" about Tiger's tragic car accident. [173]

Increasingly conservative Elon Musk rebukes a reporter at the Leftist Washington Post: “Give my regards to your puppet master.” [174]

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) calls out provocateurs who posed as fake Trump protestors on January 6th, and the liberal media is furious as he told the truth at Tuesday's hearing. [175]

Setback for the mask police: conservative "North Dakota House passes bill forbidding mandatory mask wearing." [176]

"Fox News Loses Trump Base": credibility of the fake conservative network drops in nearly half since 2016 among Trump supporters. [177]

Disregarding the free speech right to protest, the false liberal narrative about Jan. 6th causes the suspension of 6 Capitol police officers while investigating 23 more, apparently for not cracking down harder against non-violent Trump supporters. [178]

Its "days of ... neutrality are long gone," observes Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger, who has abandoned it. [179]

More Bias at Wikipedia, as it falsely portrays the Jan. 6th Capitol protests as a "coup" attempt and bans editors who criticize its false, biased characterization of the non-violent exercise of First Amendment rights by Trump supporters. [180]

Read our new essay: Atheist gentlemen, what we have here is a failure to communicate

Trump-hater Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) is censured by a vote of 111-5 by his county GOP. [181] Hardly a close vote!

Benefit to Dems' love of impeachment: ‘People Are Inching Toward the Impeachment Process’ on Leftist tyrant Gov. Andrew Cuomo, declares a Dem legislator in New York! [182]

BREAKING: Trump will speak at CPAC next Sunday, CNN reports. [183]

"Clueless Biden Shuffles Through Pfizer Plant with Two Masks on His Face," which Fauci says that no study supports, and "claimed his deceased mother even said Trump failed to order enough vaccines." [184]

Conservapedia proven right, again: firebrand House conservative Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is banned by CPAC, as CPAC continues its drift leftward per O’Sullivan’s First Law. [185]

Trump wisely refuses to waste his time in a meeting requested by turncoat Nikki Haley, who turned against him in recent interviews. [186]

Uh oh, new studies show that the COVID vaccine reduces immunity against a variant of the coronavirus. [187]

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