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Atheism related articles

In the News. what the MSM isn't fully covering.

Customers boycott Gillette in outrage over its ad about 'toxic masculinity'.[1]

Why Gillette's New Ad Campaign Is Toxic.[2]

Gillette has come under increasing competition from low priced competitors and its market share has dropped from 70% to 50% over the past decade.

Conservapedia proven right, again: NBC boss who hired the feminist, anti-Trumper Megyn Kelly admits it was a mistake, and says it was the wrong time slot for her. [3] How about 3am when no viewers could be lost?

Further implications: medical jihad, as a medical resident (since fired) at the Cleveland Clinic actually vows to give the wrong medications to Jewish patients. [4]

Bryanna Fox, an assistant professor of criminology at the University of South Florida, has co-authored a study that links psychopathy with homicides.[5]

Also, Conservapedia recently created the article Atheism, psychopathy and animal abuse.

More and more evidence is stacking up tying atheistic ideology to animal cruelty. See also: Atheism and animal abuse

Dysfunctional government spreads to Britain, which prides itself in civilized governance: "Biggest Government Defeat In History" as its Parliament just voted 432-202 against its Prime Minister's Brexit bill. [6]

Donald Trump could have Mexico pay indirectly for a border wall in two ways. A tax on remittances, and limiting public assistance to citizens only, would raise and save far more than the wall would cost. [7]

Top animal rights charity accused of secretly killing dogs to increase flow of donations. Despite ‘no kill’ policy, organisation’s leader claims some exterminations were ‘inevitable’ due to a surge in requests for rescues.[8]

Also, Conservapedia updated its Atheists and dog meat eating article with material about the brutal dog slaughtering practices occurring in atheistic countries.

Why aren't the leading atheist organizations strongly condemning the brutal dog meat trade occurring in countries with state atheism?

These Silicon Valley cats are so extra, they have their own $1,500 a month apartment.[9]

Also, Conservapedia created Cat slaughtering practices in China and Cat meat trade in Vietnam articles. The brutal way cats are killed in the Chinese/Vietnamese meat industries is widely known.

Atheists, why are cats treated so much better in Christianized America than in China which has the largest atheist population in the world and practices state atheism?

Traitor to the pro-life movement outgoing Ohio Gov. John Kasich -- who betrayed the unborn by vetoing the Heartbeat Bill -- shows his true ambition: to be a commentator on the liberal media of CNN or MSNBC! [10] How pathetic is that???

California officials finally identify the killer-by-ambush of the young Davis female police officer, and he was a paranoid casino worker. Marijuana, pervasive in California now, is known to cause violent paranoia but no word on whether he was an addict.

If you care about America's national security, you should know "voting for Democrats imperils the nation." [11]

The USA has experienced the longest partial government shutdown in its history without incident.[12]

PRO-LIFE REVOLUTION: 79% of Abortion Clinics CLOSED DOWN since 1991.[13] See also: American culture war, demographics and expected tipping point after 2020

"Shutdown breaks record for longest in history." [14]

Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) refused to swear on a Bible, saying she does not believe in God. How, then, can she profess a love for the Constitution? Previous generations would never believe one could love one but not the Other. [15]

California authorities continue to withhold the identity of the killer who yesterday gunned down a young female police officer in Davis, and the liberal media quickly moved the heinous crime off the headlines. Why???

The actual science is clear: the Earth protects itself from any global warming that occurs. Furthermore, any such warming is due entirely to the activity of the Sun. [16]

If individual members of the Democratic Party do not break party discipline, they risk the security of the country. [17]

A day after we compared the goofy Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer presentation to the "American Gothic" (see below), Stephen Colbert compared them to the Addams family. [18] Colbert is welcome to borrow more ideas from us.

President Trump realizes quickly that Nancy Pelosi won't negotiate in good faith, and ends the pointless discussion. Meanwhile, liberal media lies about Trump's oval office speech are exposed. [19]

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer bizarrely stand side-by-side to deliver a rebuttal to President Trump's speech,
Grant Wood American Gothic.jpg
invoking the plight of farmers and others during the shutdown. [20]

"Ginsburg misses second day in a row at Supreme Court," and there is another oral argument scheduled for Wednesday. [21]

Politico reports: "Romney gets chilly reception from GOP senators after Trump attack." [22]

“American Psychological Association Warns Traditional Masculinity Is 'Harmful' and 'Oppressive'.” [23]

The journal Science reports: Dog breeds really do have distinct personalities—and they’re rooted in DNA.[24]

Question: If atheists truly believe that dogs have personalities, then why do so many atheists in the world eat dogs? See: Atheists and dog meat eating

The main Quaker charity, the American Friends Service Committee, has had an anti-Israel policy almost since its founding. Check their history. With "Friends" like these, who needs enemies? [25]

A review of the foreign policy of the Donald Trump administration. Begins with kudos for his decision to withdraw from Syria. [26]

France's President Emmanuel Macron reeling as tough stance against 'yellow vests' backfires.[27]

MACRON ON THE BRINK as His Top Adviser QUITS.[28]

Was Macron's attempted gas tax increase his Waterloo?

Liberal media admit: "Trump’s tweet storms to rally support for the government shutdown seem to be working." [29]

"30 Transgender Regretters Come out of the Closet." [30]

Presidential Election 2020 kicks off in Iowa with Leftist Elizabeth Warren on the defensive about releasing her DNA that showed a lack of significant Native American ancestry. [31]

HUNDREDS Turn Out to Support President Trump and Border Security at St. Louis, Missouri." [32]

Could the architects of the sanctuary city policies in California be liable for criminal prosecution? A close read of 8 USC section 1324 strongly suggests so. [33]

The privileged life of Alexandria "Sandy" Ocasio-Cortez.[34]

Atheism may be on the wane in Britain.[35] The Times just published a news story entitled Atheism is down as UK gets spiritual.[36]

Will Conservapedia be prove right again? See: British atheism

A new YouTube video offers a "conservative" (not!) "solution" to global warming. Meanwhile, the latest socialist to join the House of Representatives introduces a resolution to create a "Green New Deal" Committee. [37]

Liberals are furious that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other Trump supporters attended the inauguration of Jair Bolsonaro as president of Brazil. [38] Bolsonaro was first runner-up to Conservative of the Year 2018.

A general recap of some of President Donald Trump's 2018 major accomplishments: The Triumph of Trump: Superhuman Accomplishments in 2018.[39]

For information on Donald Trump's accomplishments since becoming president, please see: Donald Trump achievements

Mormon Church officials continue taking cheap shots against President Donald Trump, first by Jeff Flake and now by Mitt Romney and Harry Reid. [40] Romney campaigned by falsely pretending he'd support Trump.

Could Robert Mueller have a purely financial motive for keeping his investigation of Donald Trump going indefinitely, as he seems to be doing? Follow the money... [41]

BBC Weather: Britain braced for Scandinavian DEEP FREEZE as temperatures nosedive to -5 Celsius (23 Fahrenheit).[42] Global warming?

Potholes increase by third to half a million in UK piling on motoring misery.[43]

Will the cold weather make Britain's pothole crisis even worse? See: United Kingdom's road repair crisis

British Darwinists pretend to have a better understanding of biology than American creation scientists, but the sad truth is that Britain is still trying to master the fundamentals of roadway planning and engineering.

The U.S Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, Is Restoring Order to America’s Schools.[44][45]

Will American classrooms ever become as orderly as Singaporean schools?[46]

Trump tells House Dems to not even bother with their Wall-less proposal to end the shutdown. [47] What a great conservative start to 2019 by Trump!

Happy New Year!!!!!

Vox Day exposes a Canadian agnostic as a media-created leading "intellectual" who does not have a particularly high IQ. [48][49] Beware media-promoted, globalist shills. [50]

Liberal logic runs amok: "Transgender Wrestler Taking Testosterone Injections Wins 2nd Texas ‘Girls’ State Wrestling Title." [51]

Latest weapon of globalists against President Donald Trump: projection, or accusing him of their crimes. They can't knock him off any other way. [52]

Conservative of the Year nominee "President Bolsonaro to Expand Gun Ownership in World’s 4th Largest Democracy," Brazil. [53]

China may be ready to drop limits on child-bearing, but the pain of its one-child policy endures.[54]

If communist China drops its limits on child-bearing, it will see a further explosion of evangelical Christianity in China. See: Atheism and fertility rates and Growth of Christianity in China and Atheism and China

Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tells off pro-abort loser Sen. Claire McCaskill for disparaging her as a "thing" and a "shiny object." [55] Don't worry, Claire, you'll always be supported by those who profit from abortion clinics.

By what authority does Congress fund organizations dedicated to subversion? Six subversive organizations and alliances that receive federal funding, and the agenda of each. [56]

Setback for RINOs: John Kasich, after betraying the pro-life movement on the Heartbeat Bill, is humiliated by the Ohio legislature overriding his veto of a pro-self-defense bill. [57]

Trump Administration Touts Crime Rate Drop.[58]

Also, please see Conservapedia's new articles on crime and irreligion/nonreligion: Irreligion and car theft and Secular Europe and pickpocketing

President Donald Trump will go down in history for using the First Step Act to redefine what it means to be 'tough on crime'.[59]

Also, read Conservapedia's new article on Atheism and stealing.

Trump: "Do the Dems realize that most of the people not getting paid are Democrats?" [60]

Pro-abort Senator Claire McCaskill -- crushed in a landslide after Trump held rallies in Missouri -- gets nasty with her put-downs of Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), disparaging her as "a bright shiny new object" about whom "I'm a little confused why she's the thing." [61]

Liberals celebrate Christmas by smoking marijuana: "Pot Dispensaries Report Record-High Holiday Sales." [62]

Jerusalem Post: 150,000 Christians flock to Holy Land sites for Christmas festivities.[63]

Who needs government? A charity steps forward to turn back on the National Christmas Tree, and keep it illuminated despite the shutdown. [64]

Is the Federal Reserve engaged in deliberate sabotage of the economy? The timing of its interest-rate raises leaves one wanting a few layers peeled back, to say the least. [65]

A timely review of how globalism has compromised many American institutions. These include Congress, the Federal Reserve, and the courts. Whom can we trust? [66]

President Trump responds to the globalist praise of Defense Secretary James Mattis, who expressed disagreement with Trump in his resignation letter, by replacing Mattis now. [67]

How liberals have been turning men into non-men arguably for over a century. The purpose can only be to create a population of slaves. [68]

UK child poverty could reach almost 37 percent by 2022 according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies.[69] See also: Irreligious Britain and low social mobility

If only the UK hadn't embraced Darwinism, all of this could have been avoided. Switzerland, which has one of the highest rates of creationism in Europe[70], leads the pack in attracting and developing the world's most talented workers.[71]

The UK doesn't even appear in the top 20 countries when it comes to attracting and nurturing top talent. Why are British evolutionists so backward and untalented?

Government shutdown begins as Dems refuse to fund the Border wall. Dems misread political history in thinking that a shutdown will give them a big boost.

Kudos to Judge Reed O'Connor of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas. For once, a judge makes the right decision in a Constitutional case, specifically on Obamacare. [72]

Never-Trumper John Kasich vetoes the Heartbeat Bill, despite being elected governor of Ohio by pretending to be pro-life. [73]

More liberal claptrap from the Left Coast: California names part of a congested highway the "President Barack H. Obama Highway." [74] Now, can someone clean up its roadside garbage??

Another sign that the UK is turning into an effeminate, joke country. "Boys have menstruation too" to be taught to UK 8 year olds.[75] First the UK put in power the joke leader Theresa May and now this!

Ever since the British embraced Darwinism, they have found it harder and harder to understand biological matters.

Trump to Congress: fund the Border Wall or forget about keeping the government open! [76]

RINO flash of insight: liberal Republican John Kasich, who turned Left after pretending to be conservative, declares that "‘I Can’t Beat’ Trump in Primary." [77] What was his first clue?

Macy's, a once-iconic store, caves to Islam. They offer hijab as a women's fashion option. The trouble with such Muslim trappings is that options eventually become requirements. [78]

Same-sex Marriage Overwhelmingly Rejected by Young Central and Eastern Europeans.[79] See also: Central and Eastern Europe and desecularization

"We The People Will Fund The Wall" online donation page created. First day earnings exceed $375,000 from over 3000 donors. [80]

Australia settled nothing by recognizing "West Jerusalem" as the capital of Israel. Already the Palestinian Authority has declared: they want it all! [81]

Why 2019 is going to be a HORRIBLE YEAR for militant atheists.[82]

A review of the progress in securing the border. And a scathing review at that. [83]

Once again, the highly religious Filipinos dominate the world's beauty pageants. Miss Philippines is the new Miss Universe 2018.[84] See also: Atheists and physical attractiveness and Religious Philippines winning streak in the major international beauty pageants

Why are the Chinese under communist, atheistic regime control with a much larger population being consistently beaten by the religious Filipinos in the world's beauty pageants? See: Atheism and China and China and obesity and Atheism and obesity

Daily Beast on Trump Standing Firm on the Border Wall: Everybody’s Wrong: Donald Trump Won the Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi Meeting, and Here’s Why.[85]

Secular Economist Proves Religion’s Positive Impact on Poverty.[86] See also: Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism and Atheism and sloth

Grim outlook for liberals: Poll puts gaffe-prone Joe Biden, who will be nearly 78 years old on Election Day in 2020, at the top of the Dems' list, followed by the socialist Bernie Sanders and then the loser Beto O'Rourke. [87]

Bloomberg News: The agnostic president of France Emmanuel Macron just doesn't get it.[88]

A spiritual void, a feeling of meaninglessness and a lack of an inspiring vision is plaguing France. See also: Atheism and inspiration and Atheism, agnosticism and pessimism and Atheism and meaninglessness

Moral Bankruptcy Leads to Financial Bankruptcy for Boy Scouts.[89]

The Scouts’ “perversion files,” which first surfaced back in 2012 during a lawsuit, cost the formerly respected organization and its insurers nearly $20 million. Following its decision in 2013 to allow openly homosexual boys to join, and then in 2015 to allow openly homosexual leaders to lead them, the group’s legal fees paid to just one of its law firms have increased by a factor of 10. See also: Homosexuality and pedophilia and Atheism, pederasty and NAMBLA

The EU is Spiraling Out of Control.[90]

Never-Trumper Weekly Standard Shutting Down after 23 Years.[91]

Final remnant of Obama's presidency is tossed out: "Federal judge in Texas strikes down ObamaCare." [92]

A critical examination of the fantasy worlds of socialism and jihad, with particular attention to the December 11 Oval Office showdown between Donald Trump and two key Democratic Party leaders. [93]

Never-Trumper Jeff Flake, the laughing stock of D.C., absurdly warns against threats to democracy in his Parthian shot as he leaves the U.S. Senate because he could not get reelected. [94]

There will not be the annual Christmas party for the liberal media at the White House this year, in another refreshing change by President Trump to the business-as-usual of his predecessors. [95]

Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez now claims Jewish ancestry. If so, she ought to put her money where her mouth is. [96]

Message to the atheist PZ Myers: PZ Myers, the atheist/humanist movements are most certainly dead.[97]

Professor Myers, how long will you deny reality in your ivory tower? You are hopelessly out of touch with reality.

"Too much of what is called 'education' is little more than an expensive isolation from reality." - Thomas Sowell

End of the EU? Experts Predict Brussels’ Future is in Serious Jeopardy.[98] An economic recession could dissolve the EU.

After President Donald Trump rebukes Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer at their showdown in the Oval Office, she questions Trump's manhood in a disgraceful remark afterwards. [99]

It increasingly appears that Never-Trumpers are working together, from Paul Ryan's disgraceful loss of the House to Nick Ayers setting up Trump for embarrassment by declining the Chief of Staff position.

The riots in Paris are clearly no longer about fuel taxes, or even about Emmanuel Macron's policies. They are about the ravages of globalism. [100]

Australian high school principals call for religious education to be scrapped in schools.[101] See also: Atheist indoctrination

Recently, there was groundbreaking Australian research indicating that religious education in Australian schools brings important psychological benefits to students’ mental health and well-being and reduces the risk of mental illness. See: Atheism and mental illness

BREAKING: Trump announces that the moderate John Kelly will be leaving as his Chief of Staff within weeks. Hard-charging Nick Ayers, who sought to remove Never-Trump Republican congressmen, is expected to replace Kelly. [102]

So Tom Perez, the head Democrat, complains of the influence of the pulpit on Sunday? If that were true, well just imagine. [103]

Why a Biblical message of alarm about the direction of society should not change merely because it sounds "negative." The Biblical Judges had similar messages. So did the prophets. [104]

19,000 students left with no college and immense debt as a chain of colleges abruptly closes. [105]

Emmanuel Macron’s Crisis in France Could Result in Nationalist Takeover of Europe.[106]

"SAD." President Donald Trump acts with class by attending George H. Bush’s funeral, but Never-Trumper Ben Shapiro criticizes Trump anyway with a tweet. [107]

Tracing the global warming alarm agenda to the Club of Rome, from quotes by key members. Among them: Al Gore. [108]

Big setback for Never-Trump neocons: its mouthpiece, The Weekly Standard, may go out of business as staff is told its future is uncertain. [109]

"Tickets to Bill and Hillary’s Live Houston Show Sink Lower — Now at $6 – The Price of a Big Mac Meal." [110] But don't expect the lack of public support to prevent Hillary from becoming the Dem nomination for president!

Afghanistan: a case to get out. [111]

Remembering George H. W. Bush and his family. [112]

France elected a globalist in its last election, and now "Stunned Parisians clean up posh central district after worst riots" since the May 1968 riots. [113] Tragic indeed, but should people really be surprised?

Religion can help improve children’s mental health, new study finds.[114] See also: Atheism and mental illness and Secular leftists and psychogenic illness

Also, read our new article about: Atheism and life expectancy

"AP Shows More Decency to Communist Killer Fidel Castro than George H. W. Bush in Death." [115]

The new realignment: George Soros and the Globalists v. Donald Trump and nationalists everywhere. Which side are you on? [116]

Liberal sour grapes and hypocrisy by the defeated pro-abort Dem Senator Claire McCaskill: she blames her loss on the "demand for purity" by the Democrat Party, even though she enthusiastically voted 100% with pro-abortion purity and relied heavily on that issue for her support. [117]

Should Donald Trump emulate Andrew Jackson to restore the Constitution to an understanding pre-Marbury v. Madison? [118]

After losing the GOP majority in the House, the outgoing Speaker Paul Ryan declares that the Never-Trumper, failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney is somehow John McCain’s successor and "a standard-bearer for our party." [119]

President Trump has made the U.S. the #1 most competitive economy in the world, which the former President Obama never achieved. [120]

President Trump declares that Mueller is trying to get people to lie: "at least 3 major players are intimating that the Angry Mueller Gang of Dems is viciously telling witnesses to lie about facts & they will get relief.”[121]

Landslide victory for GOP in Mississippi extends its majority to 53-47 in the U.S. Senate, making confirmation of Trump nominees to the judiciary a certainty. observes: "Manafort plea decision represents setback for Mueller." [122]

Add Paul Manafort to the long list of people Robert Mueller accuses of lying after they cooperated. Mueller now claims that Manafort, who has been in prison, violated his plea bargain by saying something Mueller did not think was true!

Conservative Jerry Corsi stands up against the Mueller witchhunt: Corsi rejects a plea deal and says, "I will not lie to save my life. I'd rather sit in prison and rot for as long as these thugs want me to." [123]

Exposing Barack Obama as a socialist in the Fabian mold. But are American socialists now abandoning the Fabian strategy? [124]

Conservapedia proven right, again: "Pay-per-view providers offering refunds" for the "Match" between the Overrated Sports Stars who haven't won real golf majors in years. [125] Refunds won't cost much if few paid to watch.

Taiwan rejects same-sex marriage in a landslide, and the liberal media refuse to report on the wide margin of defeat. Concealing the margin of defeat for liberals is a typical bias by the liberal media.

Tim Tebow has a higher career quarterback rating than Mark Sanchez, and Tebow has also rushed for far more yardage. Yet the Redskins just signed Sanchez rather than the Bible-quoting Tebow amid their QB shortage. Why are we not surprised?

Is there a student loan ‘bubble?’ [126]

Investors Business Daily: The Higher Education Bubble Is Bursting — And That's A Good Thing.[127]

Several major corporations are no longer requiring a college degree for applicants. See also: Worst college majors

Since 2009, despite having road quality that is ranked as being 27th in the world (below Chile and Cyprus), the UK cut its road repair budget by 40 percent for 88% of its roadway network.[128] See: United Kingdom's road repair crisis

If only Britain, the fountainhead of Darwinism, had a vibrant and strong economy like Switzerland, then it might have well-maintained roads. Switzerland has one of the highest rates of creationism in Europe among its citizenry.[129]

"The orderliness, the collective civic spirit, grassroots democracy, the roads, the scent of the place, and the feeling of belonging to the homeland." - Claudio Ghizzo quoted from in 2018.[130]

Overrated Sports Stars Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson make a mockery of televised sports with their farcical match that "was contrived," "was bad," and was "boring until the very end." [131]

A call for a return of the Black Robed Regiment from the days of the American Revolution. [132]

New government report on global warming -- called "climate change" because there is no warming -- is filled with speculation, circular reasoning, and hyperbole that is demonstrably false, such as its claim that "Surface and satellite data both show accelerated warming from 1979 to 2016" [133], when the satellite data show little change in 40 years and even a decline in temperature over the past several years. [134]

"Black Friday shoppers 'spending less'" in Britain, as spending drops 12% from last year. [135]

“Whatever happened to Global Warming? Trump tweeted as record cold temperatures for Thanksgiving Day grip the Northeast. "It's official...This is Rochester's coldest Thanksgiving. Ever." [136]

Liberal double standard, again: "Chief Justice Roberts Lectures Trump on Criticizing Liberal Judge — Was Silent When Obama Scolded SCOTUS at State of the Union." [137]

President Trump rebukes Chief Justice John Roberts about the bias of Obama-appointed judges, after Roberts imprudently criticized Trump first. [138]

When misguided clergy support a leftist cause, they sometimes support the enemies of freedom. [139]

A metaphor for the immigration crisis at the Mexican border: a chess match between Donald Trump and George Soros. [140]

China’s mistreatment of Christians shows it can’t be trusted on a new trade deal.[141]

Bloomberg News admits "China Is Paying for Most of Trump's Trade War, Research Says."[142]

"The gun control lobby nearly doubled the NRA in spending during the midterm elections." [143]

Latest from liberals on Israel: blaming the victim. How else to interpret their pronouncements on Middle East politics? [144]

WebMD: Here's More Evidence Obesity Can Shorten Your Life.[145]

Are China, Russia, Iran, and other countries rebuilding the Silk Road to avoid American sanctions against Iran? To bypass the United States Navy, ship everything overland. [146]

President Trump issues the traditional Thanksgiving Day pardon to the White House turkeys, with a humorous swipe at the House Dems and the Ninth Circuit: “Even though Peas and Carrots have received a presidential pardon, I have warned them that House Democrats are likely to issue them both subpoenas [and] ... I won’t guarantee your pardons won’t be enjoined by the 9th Circuit.” [147]

More success by our Unplug the NFL campaign: Attendance at Washington Redskins games is the lowest since its new stadium opened in 1997, declining 18.5% since last year. [148]

Republican Rick Scott officially wins the U.S. Senate seat in Florida from an entrenched Dem, which gives the GOP a welcomed lock on judicial confirmations for at least the next two years.

Another atheist conference is cancelled.[149]

Increasingly atheists bicker among themselves and their conferences are getting smaller and smaller in terms of attendance. See also: Decline of the atheist movement

Did Representative Eric Swalwell, D-San Francisco, really threaten nuclear retaliation against any who resisted his particular gun control proposal? Read his tweets for yourselves. Then decide. [150]

Update on British gun control - "London Knife Crime Epidemic: One Woman Struck with Machete, Another Stabbed to Death in Separate Incidents." [151]

Why pornography is a threat even to national security: it makes a society that much more vulnerable to invasion. Ask Samuel Adams. [152]

Setback to global warming hoax: inaction by the Dem Governor to the Thursday snowstorm results in 1,000 crashes on New Jersey roads, but he blames forecasters. [153]

Muslim lands are no paradise, despite what a Palestinian campaigner told the United Nations. In fact, Islam is anything but paradise to women who live in it. [154]

One reason the Republican Party lost the House of Representatives: betraying their base with RINO candidates who didn't deserve to win. Another: failure to articulate and demonstrate proper moral values. [155]

How collectivism violates the Eighth Commandment and encourages legalized theft. Could this be why so many liberals want to remove the Ten Commandments from the public square? [156]

RINO "Koch Brothers Look to Ram Through DACA Amnesty Before New Year." [157]

Stan Lee, the creator of conservative superheroes Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, and others, which then became Hollywood blockbuster movies, has passed away at age 95. [158]

A special salute to all veterans, but especially those of the United States Marine Corps, on the occasion of the birthday of the Marines and the 100th anniversary of the Armistice of the First World War. [159]

Eric Kaufmann, the author of the book Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth, was recently interviewed.[160]

Kaufmann's research predicts that immigration from religious societies, coupled with the higher fertility rate of religious people, will reverse the secularization process in the West.

France's Marine Le Pen and Italy's Matteo Salvini vow to storm Brussels ‘bunker’ in EU elections.[161]

The left leaning The Guardian reluctantly admits: Emmanuel Macron’s plummeting ratings could cause him to lose to Marine Le Pen in European elections.[