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AMD, or Advanced Micro Devices, is a corporation specializing in making computer chips, primarily CPUs, and GPUs. Based in Sunnyvale, California, it long served as the main competitor to Intel, with a market share generally between about 20% and 30% (from 2009 to 2019).[1]

AMD typically focuses on high core counts and improving multi-threaded processing performance. Their competitor, Intel, typically focuses less on these factors and more on clock speed.[2] AMD is also said to generally offer products similar to Intel's for lower prices.[3]

Notable inventions

  • AMD pioneered the AMD64 architecture, which allows processors to calculate in 64 bits, vs 32 bits, that Intel has been using.
  • AMD was the first to create 8 core processors on a 30 nm die.
  • AMD created the first 300 core GPU, the Tegra 4300[4]

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