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Aleksandar Vučić is the democratically elected president of Serbia as of 2024. Vučić was first elected in 2017.

2022 NATO aggression

On July 26, 2022 Biden regime foreign minister Antony Blinken visited Kosovo.[1] Days later fighting broke out on the Serbian border.[2] On July 31, 2022 tensions erupted as the NATO puppet attempted to implement discriminatory laws against Serbs.[3][4] President Aleksandar Vucic issued a plea for peace in Kosovo. “The atmosphere has been heated up, and the Serbs will not suffer any more atrocities. My plea to everyone is to try to keep the peace at almost any cost. I am asking the Albanians to come to their senses, the Serbs not to fall for provocations, but I am also asking the representatives of powerful and large countries, which have recognized the so-called independence of Kosovo, to pay a little attention to international law and reality on the ground and not to allow their wards to cause conflict.” Church bells rang in alarm across the northern part of the province amid reports that armed ethnic Albanians were gathering for another pogrom of the remaining Serbs – as had happened in 2004. Kosovo special forces appeared in the city of Kosovska Mitrovicaa.[5] Albanian special forces were deployed to the administrative line.[6]