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The Internet Archive is an "online library" containing various public domain and Creative Commons downloads with culture being the primary focus. Early 78 RPM records,[1] Grateful Dead concerts,[2] and the Wayback Machine are notable features of the site. Currently, cannot work on Internet Explorer.

Wayback Machine

The Internet Archive operates the Wayback Machine, a caching service. Named after a recurring segment of the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon,[3] the Wayback Machine stores copies of Internet sites indexed by date. A Web site owner may opt-out of this caching through use of a "robots.txt" file or by request.[3]

The Wayback Machine has been used in the past to expose the past activity of politicians, including issues relating to 9/11 conspiracy theories, Barack Obama's involvement with a socialist political party,[4][5] and the Barack Obama birthplace controversy[6]

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