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Biden and cohort Merrick Garland.[1]

2024 Presidential election interference is a series of actions by the Biden junta, the Democratic party, and the Deep State to thwart American democracy in the 2024 Presidential election.[2]

Some of the alleged conspirators involved are Joe Biden, Merrick Garland, Chris Wray, Jack Smith, Letitia James, Alvin Bragg, and Fani Willis.

Manhattan district attorney and Soros mercenary Fat Alvin Bragg filed a sham indictment in March 2023, followed by the Mar-a-Lago raid in June 2023 and sham indictments brought by incompetent federal special counsel Dirty Jack Smith in Florida and D.C. and then a sham indictment including 18 other individuals brought in Georgia by Fulton country DA Big Fani Willis. Willis asked for a trial date on March 4, 2024, one day before Super Tuesday.[3]

Virtually all indictments ignore free speech rights, the charge in New York, Washington, D.C., and Georgia essentially guarantee denying President Trump the right to a fair trial. The DC persecution of Trump is based upon the conspiracy theory of the Trump insurrection hoax. All indictments are emblematic of America's two-tier justice system.

DC insurrection hoax case

See also: DC persecution of Trump
Ray Epps, FBI agent provocateur

The Trump insurrection hoax case was another conspiracy claim made by the Biden DOJ and special inquisitor Jack Smith alleging President Donald Trump was behind a plot to lead an insurrection against the United States Government in January 2021. At the direction of Socialist Premier Joseph Biden, Smith filed charges against President Trump in the summer of 2023,[4] then the 2024 Presidential election frontrunner, in an effort to interfere in the 2024 presidential election and thwart American democracy. A series of indictments were brought in different venues.

The DC persecution of Trump is an unprecedented attempt by Trump-hating prosecutors and judges in Washington, D.C. to censor and even imprison Trump to try to prevent him from reelected as president.

This misuse of prosecutorial power, led by the academically underachieving Jack Smith, violates at least 3 provisions and principles of the U.S. Constitution:

The judge overseeing the DC persecution of Trump,[5] Judge Tanya Chutkan, according to the New York Post is "the scion of a family of revolutionary Marxists in her native Jamaica."[6] Robert Barnes alleged she is the granddaughter of hard core communists.[7] Chutkan worked at Boies Schiller Flexner law firm in DC at the same time Joe Biden's crackhead son Hunter Biden also worked there between 2010 and 2014; when Hunter Biden left the firm in 2014 to join the board of Burisma oil and gas in an influence peddling and bribery scheme for then Vice President Joe Biden, Hunter placed the firm on $250,000 retainer for Burisma.[8] On September 11, 2023, Trump attorneys filed a motion asking Chutkan to recuse herself, citing her prior statements suggesting bias.[9] CBS News reported "Judge Chutkan has, in connection with other cases, suggested that President Trump should be prosecuted and imprisoned. Such statements, made before this case began and without due process, are inherently disqualifying."[10]

Both the prosecutors and the presiding judge took an oath to abide by the U.S. Constitution, yet are not complying with the above provisions.

[On August 11, 2023,] Judge Tanya Chutkan warned Trump's lawyers that politics had no place in her courtroom or in this case.

But here is Judge Chutkan berating a J6er during a sentencing hearing in Oct. 2022.

She clearly expressed anger that Trump was still "free" and not behind bars.[11]

Miami classified documents case

See also: Mar-a-Lago raid and Mar-a-Lago raid litigation
U.S. Federal Magistrate Bruce E. Reinhart signed the Mar-a-Lago raid warrant.[12]

WSJ columnist Holman Jenkins wrote, “Mr. Smith was only named after a leak signaling Joe Biden’s displeasure with the department for not being aggressive enough against Mr. Trump.”[13] The order appointing Smith on Nov. 18, 2022, is posted on the DOJ website.[14] Sundance of Theconservativetreehouse summarizes the intent:

"Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller, Michael Horowitz, Bill Barr, John Durham and now, Merrick Garland, Lisa Monaco and Jack Smith, were/are all attempting to defend the institutional interests of a comprehensively corrupt Washington DC political apparatus. All of these participants were/are involved in one long continuum of an effort to hide the corruption and protect the institutions. The weaponized institutions of government, and the evidence of that corrupt activity, are what they are protecting."[15]

Smith has unjustifiably concealed the identity of his politically motivated prosecutors, but it has been reported that several donated to Biden's election campaign in addition to Smith's wife donating a substantial amount to Biden's campaign and the Biden Victory Fund super PAC.[16] The WSJ reported that Smith directs “about 40 to 60 lawyers, paralegals, support staff and FBI agents” and yet only 6 of these taxpayer-funded lawyers have been disclosed to the public as of Aug. 11, 2023.[17]

On October 6, 2023, Judge Aileen Cannon paused litigation as she considers whether to grant Trump's motion to extend deadlines related to classified material. Trump Attorneys argued that prosecutors were employing delaying tactics in the discovery process, thereby taking too long to deliver evidence. According to their motion, they deemed the May trial date unworkable. “On July 18, 2023, the Special Counsel’s Office represented to the Court that ‘all’ discovery would be available on ‘day one,’” Trump’s lawyers wrote. They also wrote that Smith’s Florida classified docs trial set for May 20, 2024 and his separate March 4, 2024 DC trial regarding Trump’s so-called effort to stop the transfer of power set for March 4 require “Trump and his lawyers to be in two places at once.” CBS News reported Trumps lawyers saying, “And, months after the Office’s representation to the Court, discovery is not complete in this case—including with respect to the classified documents at issue in more than 25% of the [Espionage Act] counts in the Superseding Indictment.”[18]

Georgia v. Trump

Political persecution of the Georgia 19.

Former United States Attorney Andrew McCarthy assessed the case:

“Why has DA Willis invoked Georgia’s version of the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, which is typically applied to mobsters engaged in the familiar rackets of murder, extortion, trafficking in narcotics and stolen goods, gambling, prostitution and so on?...Because there’s a giant hole in her case: the lack of a clear crime to which Trump and his co-defendants can plausibly be said to have agreed...That is what’s so strange about DA Willis’s indictment...She alleges that the 19 people named in her indictment are guilty of conspiracy because they agreed to try to keep Donald Trump in power as president — specifically, to change the outcome of the election in favor of Trump...Trying to change an election outcome is legal; the end doesn’t become illegal if pursued by illegal means — instead, those illegal means can be charged as crimes...But there is no conspiracy unless the objective itself is clearly a crime...An agreement to try to reverse the result of an election is not an agreement to commit a crime”.[19]

Big Fani Willis was part of a conspiracy that questioned the legitimacy of Fulton county's 2020 presidential election.[20][21]

In August 2023 the United States House Committee on the Judiciary launched an investigation into the prosecutorial misconduct of Willis examining her use of federal funds for a politically motivated prosecution interfering with federal elections and American democracy. There were 5 questions regarding her abuse of power:

  • four days before the indictment was announced, Willis "launched a new campaign fundraising website that highlighted" her investigation into Trump;
  • the infamous forewoman of the special grand jury that Willis convened who bragged about subpoenaing Trump;
  • the allegedly accidental release of a document by a Fulton County clerk showing the forthcoming criminal charges against Trump hours before the grand jury officially met and voted;
  • a judge disqualified Willis from targeting Georgia Lieutenant Governor Burt Jones (R) in her investigation; and Fulton County officials announcing they will process Trump at the local jail like any other criminal, including forcing him to take a mug shot and post bond.

The committee also noted there are "questions about whether and how your office coordinated with DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith during the course of this investigation" and requested any documents and communications from Willis' office with any federal officials about her investigation.[22]

Willis’ campaign director, Jeremy Halbert Harris, worked for the Joe Biden campaign in Georgia during the 2020 presidential election cycle. Harris has a history of posting tweets critical of President Trump, going back to 2017. The Willis team was caught hiding the evidence.[23]

New York v. Trump

Judge Arthur Engoron[24]

In the case filed by Letitia James against President Trump there are no victims. There was no fraud. All of the lenders did their own due diligence. All of the loans were paid back without issue and the statement of financial condition was factual and accurate.

Additionally, the statute being used as the predicate for the case is a consumer fraud statute, intended to protect borrowers from predatory lenders. In the four corners of this case, Trump is the borrower, and the banks were the lenders. The New York attorney general flipped the statute to claim the borrower defrauded the lenders, despite the lenders denying there was any fraud and stating there was no harm.[25]

The judge presiding over Trump's NYC trial appears to have a peculiar hobby of posting half-naked photos of himself on a high school alumni newsletter he controls. The 74-year-old judge Arthur Engoron appeared to even post a "Bonus-Torso-Photo" in what looks like the bathroom of a gym. One set of images seems to be progress pictures. One picture of a frailer, malnourished male (assumed to be Judge Engoron) is labeled October 2020. Another picture, labeled August 2021, shows the same body, flexing excessively to try and show off his muscle gains.[26]

Engoron, acting on behalf of his partisan political clerk Allison Greenfield[27] known as Engoron's GF, issued a gag order forbidding President Trump from complaining about the political affiliations of the judge, clerk and any other court official or possible witness.

Fat Alvin case

Alvin Bragg

News reports indicated that the Biden White House, the Biden DOJ, Democrats in Congress, and former members of the Mueller team have persuaded Bragg to interfere in the 2024 presidential election.[28] The House of Representatives requested that Bragg answer questions about his misconduct under oath and to determine if any federal money was used in the illegal prosecution. Bragg was instructed to respond by March 23, 2023.[29] Bragg tried to fight the subpoena and lost in federal court.

The scandalous incident and abuse of power provoked international controversy. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador decried the effort to interfere in the 2024 presidential election. “This is completely anti-democratic… Why not allow the people to decide?” Lopez Obrador stated that the United States should stop trying to “be the government of the world.”[30]

El Salvador President Nayib Bukele tweeted, “The United States’ ability to use ‘democracy’ as foreign policy is gone.” The tweet had over 13 million views according to Twitter’s analytics in the first 24 hours.[31]

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban expressed support for President Trump, tweeting, "Kepp on fighting Mr. President, we are with you."[32]

Judge Juan Merchan hearing the case is a 2020 Biden for President donor and anti-Republican who has donated to a PAC called Stop the Republicans.[33] His daughter Loren,[34] who uses pronouns to describe him/her/theyself,[35] worked for Kamala Harris, Biden for President, and Adam Schiff. Schiff concocted the bogus articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.[36]


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