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Electron microscope scan of a coronavirus, so-called due to the crown-like filaments on the surface.

A coronavirus is any of several viruses affecting either animals or humans, and named for the crown-like spikes on the surface of the viral cell. Coronaviruses affect the upper-respiratory tract, causing infections ranging from mild to severe, such as bronchitis and pneumonia. The type of coronavirus which started Wuhan, China coronavirus epidemic is commonly referred to as COVID-19.

China has the world's largest atheist population.[1][2] China has state atheism (see: China and atheism).

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) mandates its members be atheists (see: China and atheism and Atheism and communism and militant atheism and State atheism).[3][4]

The CCP tried to cover up the emergence of the COVID-19 in China which prevented the pandemic being contained in its early stages.[5]

China allowed thousands of COVID-19 infected people to leave China during the early stage of the pandemic when the world was not aware of it.[6]

The Atlantic reported concerning the role of the CCP to allow the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic to spread in China and globally during its early stages:

China has a history of mishandling outbreaks, including SARS in 2002 and 2003. But Chinese leaders’ negligence in December and January—for well over a month after the first outbreak in Wuhan—far surpasses those bungled responses. The end of last year was the time for authorities to act, and, as Nicholas D. Kristof of The New York Times has noted, “act decisively they did—not against the virus, but against whistle-blowers who were trying to call attention to the public health threat.”

This is what allowed the virus to spread across the globe. Because the Chinese Communist Party was pretending that there was little to be concerned about, Wuhan was a porous purveyor of the virus. The government only instituted a lockdown in Wuhan on January 23—seven weeks after the virus first appeared. As events in Italy, the United States, Spain, and France have shown, quite a lot can happen in a week, much less seven. By then, mayor Zhou Xianwang admitted that more than 5 million people had already left Wuhan.[7]


Origin of the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic

Wuhan Institute of Virology lab leak theory

One week after the first reported outbreaks in China, scientists at the National Institute of Health in the United States informed the chief medical advisor to the president, Dr. Anthony Fauci,[8] that the SARS-CoV-2 genome sequence was "inconsistent with evolutionary theory."[9] This meant that it was likely man-made.[10] Three years earlier, on January 9, 2017, the Obama White House restored funding for gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology for research on the bat coronavirus.[11][12] Gain-of-function is to modify an animal virus so as to make it transmissible to humans.[13] The funds were administered by Dr. Anthony Fauci,[14] Fauci extended the funds,[15] but did not obtain approval from a mandatory Department of Health and Human Services review board as required.[16]

For more information, please see: Covid lab leak theory should not be ruled out, top Chinese scientist says, The Guardian, May 30, 2023

Dietary habits of Chinese atheists and the animal-to-human transmission theory

See also: Dietary practices of atheists and Cat slaughtering practices in China and Atheists and dog meat eating and Atheism and rodent eating and Atheists eat babies meme

Each year thousands of dogs are stolen in China and as many as 20 million dogs are killed in China to satisfy the dog meat industry.[17]

According to ABC News, gruesome techniques are used in Chinese dog slaughterhouses.[18]

China has the world's largest atheist population and it practices state atheism.(see: China and atheism).[19]

Most atheists in the world are East Asian (see: Asian atheism).

China has the world's largest atheist population and practices state atheism (see: China and atheism).[20][21] China has one of the highest rates of atheism in the world.[22][23] Most atheists are likely East Asians (see: Asian atheism).

The Washington Post reported:

China failed to learn one of the most important lessons of the SARS outbreak 17 years ago, that wild animal markets are a potent breeding ground for disease with the possibility of ailments jumping to humans, health experts say.

SARS, or severe acute respiratory syndrome, was thought to have originated in masked palm civets, tree-dwelling mammals native to parts of Asia. The trigger point for the current coronavirus remains unclear, but China has linked the outbreak to the Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan, which despite its name also appeared to be selling live cats and dogs, wild chickens, snakes and marmots.[24]

CNN reported:

In western markets, shoppers can buy beef, chicken, pork, and, if they're lucky, perhaps some duck or bison.

But the options in China can be a bit more exotic. Vendors in small city markets often sell wild animals including rodents, yak, snakes and even porcupines, and experts say that makes them far more dangerous. The meat could contain deadly pathogens like the coronavirus.

Highlighting those fears, Chinese officials announced on Sunday that the trading of wild animals would be temporarily suspended in hopes that would help contain the outbreak.[25]

Pangolin have large, keratin scales covering their skin. They are the only known mammals who have this feature.

Nature Research indicates:

Researchers in Guangzhou, China, have suggested that pangolins — long-snouted, ant-eating mammals often used in traditional Chinese medicine — are the probable animal source of the coronavirus outbreak that has infected more than 30,000 people and is wreaking havoc worldwide.

Scientists say that the suggestion, based on a genetic analysis, seems plausible — but caution that the researchers’ work is yet to be published in full. “This is an extremely interesting observation. Although we need to see more details, it does make sense as there are now some other data emerging that pangolins carry viruses that are closely related to 2019-nCoV,” says Edward Holmes, an evolutionary virologist at the University of Sydney, Australia...

Pangolins are protected animals, but illegal trafficking is widespread, and some species are critically endangered. They are sold, controversially, for their meat and scales, and for use in traditional Chinese medicine, in which parts of the animal are used to treat ailments such as skin diseases, menstrual disorders and arthritis. Chinese law states that people selling pangolins can be punished by 10 years or more in prison.[26]

Some researchers believe the deadly coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China may have originated in snakes like the Chinese cobra pictured above.

Philly Voice reported:

In the case of this 2019 coronavirus outbreak, reports state that most of the first group of patients hospitalized were workers or customers at a local seafood wholesale market which also sold processed meats and live consumable animals including poultry, donkeys, sheep, pigs, camels, foxes, badgers, bamboo rats, hedgehogs and reptiles. However, since no one has ever reported finding a coronavirus infecting aquatic animals, it is plausible that the coronavirus may have originated from other animals sold in that market.

The hypothesis that the 2019-nCoV jumped from an animal at the market is strongly supported by a new publication in the Journal of Medical Virology. The scientists conducted an analysis and compared the genetic sequences of 2019-nCoV and all other known coronaviruses.

The study of the genetic code of 2019-nCoV reveals that the new virus is most closely related to two bat SARS-like coronavirus samples from China, initially suggesting that, like SARS and MERS, the bat might also be the origin of 2019-nCoV. The authors further found that the viral RNA coding sequence of 2019-nCoV spike protein, which forms the “crown” of the virus particle that recognizes the receptor on a host cell, indicates that the bat virus might have mutated before infecting people.

But when the researchers performed a more detailed bioinformatics analysis of the sequence of 2019-nCoV, it suggests that this coronavirus might come from snakes.

The researchers used an analysis of the protein codes favored by the new coronavirus and compared it to the protein codes from coronaviruses found in different animal hosts, like birds, snakes, marmots, hedgehogs, manis, bats and humans. Surprisingly, they found that the protein codes in the 2019-nCoV are most similar to those used in snakes.

Snakes often hunt for bats in wild. Reports indicate that snakes were sold in the local seafood market in Wuhan, raising the possibility that the 2019-nCoV might have jumped from the host species – bats – to snakes and then to humans at the beginning of this coronavirus outbreak. However, how the virus could adapt to both the cold-blooded and warm-blooded hosts remains a mystery.[27]

For more information, please see: Dietary practices of atheists

Wuhan coronavirus epidemic: Tens of thousands of pets in China to be slaughtered by authorities

See also: Atheism and animal abuse

Atheist controlled China lying about the origins of the coronavirus pandemic

See also: Atheism and historical revisionism

Atheist, Chinese leaders mishandled the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic during the critical early period

China and its atheist controlled government

See also: Atheism and communism and China and atheism

Flag of the Communist Party of China

The Communist Party of China has one party rule over China.

Atheism is a core tenet of militant communist ideology (see: Atheism and communism). In 1955, Chinese communist leader Zhou Enlai declared, "We Communists are atheists".[28]

In 2016, the International Business Times reported:

A senior Chinese advisor on religious affairs has said the country should promote atheism throughout society, in remarks that appear to reflect a deepening campaign to reinforce traditional Marxist values in China — and could add to concern about official attitudes among believers in the country’s five officially recognized religions.[29]

In 2014, the New American website indicated:

The Communist Party of China (CPC) is letting its members know that the party’s official adherence to militant atheism has not changed; Party members are not allowed to be Christians, or to hold any other religious beliefs. That is the clear message sent by a top Party official in an editorial published on November 14 in the Global Times, the international version of People’s Daily, the official newspaper and mouthpiece of the CPC.[30]

China's atheist leaders mishandled the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic during the critical early period

See also: Atheism and leadership

As far as the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic, Corrupt, Chinese, atheist leaders squandered the period where they could have controlled the coronavirus outbreak better due to trying to cover this matter up during the critical early period (See also: Atheism and leadership).[31][32] Guan Yi, an expert on viruses at Hong Kong University, said, "I think we have passed the golden period of control and prevention".[33]

Chinese health care system and the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic

See also: Atheism and medicine

Chinese healthcare system

See also: Atheist hospitals in China

St. Basil of Caesarea founded the first hospital. Christian hospitals subsequently spread quickly throughout both the East and the West.[34] See also: Christian hospitals

Healthcare in China is made up of public and private medical institutions.

China's hospital system and general health care system overall is currently experiencing a crisis as evidenced by the New York Times article China’s Health Care Crisis: Lines Before Dawn, Violence and ‘No Trust’ (See also: Atheist hospitals).[35]

The New York Times article China’s Health Care Crisis: Lines Before Dawn, Violence and ‘No Trust’ declares:

Well before dawn, nearly a hundred people stood in line outside one of the capital’s top hospitals.

They were hoping to get an appointment with a specialist, a chance for access to the best health care in the country. Scalpers hawked medical visits for a fee, ignoring repeated crackdowns by the government.

A Beijing resident in line was trying to get his father in to see a neurologist. A senior lawmaker from Liaoning, a northeastern province, needed a second opinion on her daughter’s blood disorder.

Mao Ning, who was helping her friend get an appointment with a dermatologist, arrived at 4 a.m. She was in the middle of the line.

“There’s no choice — everyone comes to Beijing,” Ms. Mao, 40, said. “I think this is an unscientific approach and is not in keeping with our national conditions. We shouldn’t have people do this, right? There should be a reasonable system.”

The long lines, a standard feature of hospital visits in China, are a symptom of a health care system in crisis....

The country does not have a functioning primary care system, the first line of defense for illness and injury. China has one general practitioner for every 6,666 people, compared with the international standard of one for every 1,500 to 2,000 people, according to the World Health Organization. [36]

China's healthcare system under serious strain during the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic

See also: Atheist hospitals and Christian hospitals

The New York Times published an article about atheist controlled, mainland China entitled ‘What if We All Get Sick?’: Coronavirus Strains China’s Health System (see also: Atheist hospitals in China and Atheism and medicine and Atheist hospitals). Research performed by Thomson Reuters indicates that in the United States, Christian hospitals are superior to secular hospitals.[37]

Chinese authorities arresting people reporting on the epidemic on social media

Containment facilities for Coronavirus patients in Wuhan, China.[38]

People reporting on social media about the true extent of the disaster from within the Wuhan containment zone risk arrest by Chinese Communist Party.[39] The Wuhan outbreak and the leftists regime's handling of the crisis has led to questions domestically about the legitimacy of the communist government.[40]

The Epoch Times reported:

The outbreak of Wuhan coronavirus has made many mainland Chinese realize that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its media mouthpieces do not tell the truth or tell the whole story. Social media users in Wuhan, especially doctors and nurses, share their experiences and post videos on social media to alert everyone of the true situation, which the authorities find embarrassing.

According to Xinhua News, the Chinese regime’s main newspaper, China’s most popular social media WeChat published a notice on Jan. 25 announcing new regulations and punishments for “those who spread rumors about the new form of pneumonia.”

“A variety of unsubstantiated comments posted to the internet constantly stir up public panic,” the notice read, “All those who spread fake news and thus disturb social order will face up to three years in prison, detention, or disciplinary action. Those who have caused serious consequences will be given 3-year to 7-year prison terms.”

The notice also claimed that WeChat is now working with a “rumor defying agency” to refute and delete any rumors appearing on WeChat. Accounts of those users found spreading rumors may be suspended.

A leaked document from Cyberspace Administration of China also stated that starting on Jan. 26, all social media groups are forbidden to publish any news about Wuhan pneumonia that are not from official sources. The police will arrest all those who spread unconfirmed news.

Freelance writer Jiang Lijun revealed on Twitter on Jan. 26 that his WeChat account was permanently closed because he called on top officials of Wuhan City and Hubei Province to apologize for their actions and step down, and posted several articles about Wuhan pneumonia.

Ever since medical researchers identified the new coronavirus, local authorities have been working to dispel rumors and make arrests. As a result, residents of Wuhan were uninformed about the disease and didn’t institute preventative measures until the whole city was put into lockdown.

When the new WeChat regulation was announced, Chinese netizens became outraged. One person wrote, “The officials’ information blockade is precisely the reason that caused Wuhan pneumonia to spread quickly. How shameless you are to continue silencing whistleblowers.”[41]

A migrant worker tries to save his village from the coronavirus — and gets arrested by Chinese atheist, communist government

Xi Jinping is the President of the People's Republic of China, current General Secretary of the Communist Party of China which requires that all their members be atheists.[42] See: China and atheism and Atheism and communism

The Los Angeles Times reported:

When Gao Fei warned members of his family about the deadly virus sweeping their way, he never suspected that they would laugh at him, or that he would end up being arrested.

The migrant worker had left Hubei province last year to freelance as a welder in southern China. His family members stayed in their village in Qichun county less than two hours’ drive from Wuhan, the epicenter of a coronavirus outbreak that has killed more than 210 people and infected more than 9,700.

Gao sensed something dangerous was coming. He had breached China’s firewall to follow online news of the coronavirus as it emerged this month. He immediately began messaging his parents and siblings, including his brother, who drove a taxi between their village and Wuhan every day.

“Stock up on food, masks, disinfectant and medicine. Wash your hands. Don’t go to Wuhan!” he told them. They laughed. No one even knew of the virus in their hometown, they said, and nobody was wearing a mask. Gao, 33, sent a pack of surgical masks to his brother anyway. He felt helpless and enraged.

Gao was arrested Wednesday after tweeting that President Xi Jinping should resign over the government’s handling of the virus. The tweet about Xi disappeared, but another one he’d written earlier, as authorities announced new penalties for “spreading rumors” about the virus outbreak, remained: “Bring it on. This is a confrontation between a government that neglects life and a people who are saving themselves. Truth is our greatest weapon for our own salvation.”

Gao’s predictions have come to pass as the coronavirus spans continents and leaves China’s already overburdened medical system straining under a health emergency that has steadily accelerated. The communist leadership is entangled in its greatest medical and political crises in years, even as it attempts to assure other nations that all is under control.[43]

China: Covid-19 discrimination against Africans

See also: Atheistic China and racism

The Human Rights Watch website notes:

The Chinese government should end the discriminatory treatment of Africans related to the Covid-19 pandemic, Human Rights Watch said today. Authorities should also protect Africans and people of African descent throughout China from discrimination in employment, housing, and other realms.

In early April 2020, Chinese authorities in the southern city of Guangzhou, Guangdong province, which has China’s largest African community, began a campaign to forcibly test Africans for the coronavirus, and ordered them to self-isolate or to quarantine in designated hotels. Landlords then evicted African residents, forcing many to sleep on the street, and hotels, shops, and restaurants refused African customers. Other foreign groups have generally not been subjected to similar treatment.

“Chinese authorities claim ‘zero tolerance’ for discrimination, but what they are doing to Africans in Guangzhou is a textbook case of just that,” said Yaqiu Wang, China researcher at Human Rights Watch. “Beijing should immediately investigate and hold accountable all officials and others responsible for discriminatory treatment.”

On April 12, Guangdong authorities announced that all foreigners in the province must accept “Covid-19 prevention and containment measures” including “testing, sampling and quarantine.” In practice, the authorities just targeted Africans for forced testing and quarantine. They visited homes of African residents, testing them on the spot or instructing them to take a test at a hospital. Some were ordered to self-isolate at home with surveillance cameras or alarms installed outside of their apartments.[44]

The Brookings Institution notes:

In the midst of the global scramble to deal with the COVID-19 crisis, relations have ruptured at a most unexpected front—between China and Africa. Since April 8, reports and social media discussions about the eviction and maltreatment of Africans in the Chinese city of Guangzhou have gone viral, leading to a series of formal and official diplomatic protests from the African Union and African countries toward China. Never before had the two sides had such a critical, high-profile, and widespread clash of positions, let alone allowed it to erupt in front of the public. Given China’s relentless efforts to consolidate ties and enhance engagement with Africa (including sending medical equipment and doctors to the continent during this crisis), this racism and discrimination against African migrants and residents is both shocking to the world and damaging for China’s policy agenda.

The discrimination and maltreatment the African nationals have suffered are the direct result of the rising pressure from the imported cases of COVID-19 faced by the authorities of Guangzhou. On March 28, China officially imposed an entry ban on all foreign nationals with visas or residence permits in an attempt to curb the rising number of imported cases after the country managed to control the domestic infection. As a part of these measures, Chinese airlines are only allowed to operate one route per week to any specific country, primarily to bring back overseas Chinese who wish to return.

As the imported cases became the biggest challenge to China’s battle against COVID-19, foreign nationals who arrived in China before March 28 quickly became the center of attention. In particular, the central government put great pressure on all local cities to minimize the number of imported cases. Guangzhou, the home to Asia’s largest African migrant population, suddenly became the front line of China’s renewed battle with COVID-19.[45]

The abstract for the journal article #ChinaMustexplain: Global Tweets, COVID-19, and Anti-Black Racism in China published in the peer-reviewed journal Review of Black Political Economy states:

One of the consequences of the emergence of COVID-19 has been the glaring racial and ethnic disparities that have defined the course of the spread of the virus. As a recent migrant-minority community in China, the Black community’s experience has been defined by vulgar racism, exploitation, and stigmatization. In the context of COVID-19, the Black community in China was again a target of multiple racial projects which sought to label their bodies as diseased and physical presence as a threat to the viability and safety of the Han majority. The global response was to mobilize online to expose how the Chinese government is systematically facilitating discriminatory policies against Black migrants in China. In the present paper, we explore how Twitter was utilized to mobilize awareness about anti-Black racism in China. We first present a brief history of African migration to China and then discuss the Han racial ideologies that are inspiring the anti-Black racism. We then use latent Dirichlet allocation as a topic modeling algorithm to extract underlying themes to discuss how anti-Black racism in the COVID-19 context was framed and subsequently challenged by the global community. Finally, we conclude with a brief discussion on COVID-19 and the future of the Black community in China.[46]

Most coronavirus cases in New York City came from secular Europe

See also: Secular Europe

Compared to many American cities, New York City, under the "leadership" of irreligious[47] left-wing bigot Bill de Blasio (sometimes referred to as de Blowhard), was hit hard by the coronavirus epidemic.

From a global perspective, Europe is more secular/atheistic than the rest of the world although it does have a considerable amount of religious immigrants who have higher birth rates (see: Secular Europe and Atheist population and Global atheism).

Genome research indicates that most New York City Covid-19 cases came from Europe.[48]

Irreligious United Kingdom's nanny state approach to the coronavirus pandemic

See also: United Kingdom's nanny state approach to the coronavirus pandemic and British atheism

Map of the United Kingdom

A Eurobarometer poll in 2010 reported that 37% of UK citizens "believed there is a God", 33% believe there is "some sort of spirit or life force" and 25% answered "I don't believe there is any sort of spirit, God or life force".[49]

In 2014, The Telegraph reported: "The British are among the most sceptical in the world about religion, a global study has found. Just over a third of people in the UK believe religion has a positive role to play in our daily lives, compared to a global average of 59 per cent."[50] See: British atheism

In July of 2021, Der Spiegel indicated that Finland was the best at handling the coronavirus pandemic based on an index based on excess mortality, restrictions on people's lives and liberty, GDP performance and vaccination coverage.[51] See: An observation about the countries that handled the coronavirus pandemic well so far. And let's look at Finland.

While Finland did a decent job of handling the coronavirus, the coronavirus pandemic turned the United Kingdom (UK) into a bigger nanny state than it was before the pandemic.

City Journal is one of the world's premier urban-policy magazines, “the Bible of the new urbanism,” as London’s Daily Telegraph puts it.[52]

In Autumn of 2021, Lionel Shriver published the article The Most Frightened Nation with the byline Why the United Kingdom will never be the same which stated:

What was once the land of “keep calm and carry on” could now be the “most frightened nation in the world.” So says Laura Dodsworth, author of A State of Fear: How the UK Government Weaponised Fear During the Covid-19 Pandemic. Data seem to bear her impression out. According to an Ipsos MORI poll conducted in July, an impressive 27 percent of Britons want to impose a government-mandated nationwide curfew of 10 PM—not then in force—“until the pandemic was under control worldwide,” which might be years from now. A not-inconsiderable 19 percent would impose such a curfew “permanently, regardless of the risk from Covid-19.” Presumably, these are people who don’t get out much. While 64 percent want Britain’s mask mandate in shops and on public transport to remain a legal requirement for the duration of the global pandemic, an astounding 51 percent want to be masked by law, forever.

There’s more: some 35 percent want to confine any Briton who returns from a foreign country, vaccinated or not, to a ten-day home quarantine—permanently, Covid or no Covid. A full 46 percent would require a vaccine passport in order to travel abroad—permanently, Covid or no Covid. So young people today would still be flashing that QR code on whatever passes for smartphones in 2095, though they might have trouble displaying the device to a flight attendant while bracing on their walkers. Likewise, the 36 percent who want to be required to check in at pubs and restaurants with a National Health Service contact-tracing app forever. A goodly 34 percent want social distancing in “theatres, pubs and sports grounds,” regardless of any risk of Covid, forever. A truly astonishing 26 percent of Britons would summarily close all casinos and nightclubs forever. Are these just a bunch of fogies who don’t go clubbing anyway? No. In the 16-to-24 age bracket, the proportion of Brits who want to convert Ronnie Scott’s jazz club in London’s Soho into a community lending library, even after Covid is a distant memory, soars to a staggering 40 percent.

Far from yearning for their historic liberties as “free-born Englishmen,” eight out of ten of the British, according to a Southbank/Kingston University survey, were “anxious” about lifting any of their benevolent government’s copious pandemic restrictions...

But the most enduring damage to the home of Magna Carta may be political. The transformation of the United Kingdom is permanent. Its citizens can never again characterize lockdowns and other previously unthinkable government edicts, such as “you’re forbidden to leave the country,” as unprecedented. The state has established precedents galore. The public is already being softened up for the return of repressive measures in some form this autumn, even if only to control a surge of flu.

It’s official: British civil liberties are provisional. They can be rescinded at a moment’s notice on the government’s whim. They are privileges, not rights. The anything-but-inalienable “rights” to free expression, to protest, to assembly, to association, to worship, to travel, to work: all require permission slips.[53]

Despite the UK taking a more nanny state approach to coronavirus pandemic than Finland, the UK has a higher mortality rate than Finland due to the coronavirus pandemic

As of January 11, 2022, in the UK, deaths per 100,000 people was 316.30 deaths per 100,000 people.[54] As of January 11, 2022, in Finland, which has given much more liberty to its citizens, deaths per 100,000 people was 149.13 deaths per 100,000 people.[55]

David Silverman and coronavirus pandemic skepticism

See also: David Silverman

In December of 2020, the atheist David Silverman wrote: "Truthfully, I don't buy a lot of the Covid hype. I don't fear the disease much more than the flu and I don't support shutdowns."[56]

Atheism, coronavirus epidemic, aging populations, obesity, diabetes and some types of cancer

The coronavirus epidemic has a considerably higher mortality rate among: the aged: the obese: those with diabetes and those with some forms of cancer.

The atheist population has an aging population and has significant problems with obesity, diabetes and cancer (see: Global atheism and aging populations and Atheism and obesity and Atheism and diabetes and Atheism and cancer).

Internet atheism and the coronavirus pandemic

The article Internet atheism: The thrill is gone! points out that internet atheism has been in a significant slump since 2011. See also: Internet atheism web traffic volume and Internet atheism

See also: Internet atheism and the coronavirus pandemic

Many atheist websites did very poorly during the coronavirus pandemic and lost a large amount of their traffic since the early part of 2020 (See: Internet atheism and the coronavirus pandemic).

On the other hand, there were Christian websites that saw their web traffic substantially grow during the coronavirus pandemic (See: Christian websites and the coronavirus pandemic).

Historically, religiosity increases during pandemics. Pew Research found people's religious faith grew during the pandemic - especially in the United States.[57] Nearly three-in-ten U.S. adults say the outbreak has boosted their faith; about four-in-ten say it has tightened family bonds.[58]

In addition, many atheist organizations have significant difficulty in getting their fellow atheist to financially support them (see: Atheist organizations and fundraising), so their web marketing budgets could have been low during the pandemic. In addition, many atheist organizations have poor fiscal management so they may not have had reserves built up before the pandemic (see: Atheist organizations and financial mismanagement).

The atheist websites might never gain that traffic back again as the number of atheists in the world is expected to drop soon after 2022 according to the scholars at the Center for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.[59] Currently, the global atheist population is losing market share in terms of the world's population (see: Global atheism statistics).

Pious Jew who was formerly irreligious developed an effective treatment for coronavirus infections

See also: Vladimir Zelenko and Vladimir Zelenko's coronavirus treatment

Zev Vladimir Zelenko, M.D. is a New York State doctor who treated his first 350 coronavirus patients in March of 2020 with 100% success using hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc.[60][61][62] There were no hospitalizations, intubations or deaths among Zelenko's first 350 patients.[63] On March 27, 2020, Zelenko indicated that he treated 699 patients with no deaths or intubations, whereas the national average in the United States is 1.5% of coronavirus patients dying.[64] As of March 27, 2020, four patients of Dr. Zelenko have been hospitalized with pneumonia, and none of them required respirators.[65]

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko's treatment resulted in various patients' shortness-of-breath issues being resolved in as early as four hours and on average 12 hours.[66]

For more information, please see: Vladimir Zelenko's coronavirus treatment

Dr. Zelenko has successfully used hydroxychloroquine (chemical diagram shown), antibiotics and zinc to treat coronavirus patients.

Vladimir Zelenko's religion and ex-irreligion

Vladimir Zelenko emigrated from Russia.[67] He speaks multiple languages including Russian.[68]

Zelenko is a pious Jew who formerly was an irreligious young man. He wrote the book Metamorphosis about his transformation.[69]

See also



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