Atheist movement, women and a smaller base of major donors

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Studies indicate that women in the Western World tend to be more religious than men.[1]

Surveys throughout the world and other data indicate that women are less inclined to be atheists (See: Atheism and women).[2] [3]

Major donor fundraising involves building relationships with high-net-worth individuals for the purpose of fundraising.

According to NCVO Knowhow Nonprofit:

Major donors should be a valuable and ongoing source of income. The time spent cultivating a potential major donor is crucial and also cost effective: one donor can seriously change your organisation’s income. It is also easier to build a long term, meaningful relationship with a substantial donor than to use direct mail.[4]

According to the article Top 10 Trends: How Major Donors are Changing and What To Do About It :

Older ladies are THE major donor demographic.

Here’s something amazing. Women are far, far more generous than men. (Hey, we knew this, didn’t we?)

A recent study found that women are more than TWICE as generous than men.

For every $100 boomer and older men gave, women in the very same economic circumstances gave $258!!

Women are more likely to give to charity, and they are more likely to give more. (Women Give 2012, Women’s Philanthropy Institute, Indiana University.)[5]

According to Fortune magazine women donate more to charitable causes than men:

“Women are very involved in charitable giving,” explained Nancy Heiser, vice president of wealth management at UBS. “The reasons are simple: Women are living longer, making more money and may be inheriting twice—once from their parents and again if they outlive their spouses.”[6]

In addition, in recent years, their has been increased divisiveness between men and women within the atheist movement (see: Atheist factions). Also, there is a higher prevalence of violence against women compared to many Christianized individuals/countries (see: Irreligion and domestic violence and Secular Europe and domestic violence and Mass rape during the occupation of Germany).

In 2017, the atheist activist Lee Moore declared:

If you look at the major atheist groups right now, like the national groups, the ones that are doing the real activist work... They are not bringing in the kind of donations they used to. Most of them are starved for cash. They're downsizing left and right. Because people aren't just giving like they used to. And I talked to a lot of the major donors out there and they said, "Well, we're kind of tired of seeing the atheist community just fight amongst itself and not really get anything done. We'd rather not give money if we don't think it's going to go somewhere."[7]

Religious organizations are far outpacing atheist organizations when it comes to fundraising (see: Atheist fundraising vs. religious fundraising). See also: Atheism and charity

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