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There is a style common to many atheists, including:

  1. a refusal to recognize how democracy, first practiced in pre-Christ Greece, relies on Christianity, and how no atheistic culture has ever managed to sustain a lasting democracy
  2. a refusal to credit the role played by faith in great contributions of many people, such as Isaac Newton
  3. a general disbelief of unseen and unquantifiable concepts, such as love, intrinsic beauty and fidelity
  4. a belief that atheists are somehow smarter than those having faith, downplaying contributions by Christians
  5. a belief that humans are smarter today than 100, 1,000 or 6,000 years ago
  6. a view that most of science is known and understood, in contrast to Isaac Newton's view that little is understood
  7. a focus on materialism, and a devotion to relativism in many forms
  8. a generally pessimistic, worthless and depressing view of life
  9. among scientists, an unshakable faith in never-detected gravitons, dark matter, black holes, super strings and life in outer space
  10. belief in the Nobel Prize, universities, newspapers and magazines as oracles of truths
  11. over reliance on hearsay, a perception (often wrong) of what most people think, and a dependence on often outdated texts.
  12. an insistence on censoring prayer from the classroom[1]
  13. A rejection of the teleological view of history that Mankind is increasingly moving towards an absolute perfect state thanks to Christianity.
  14. A denial of the personal experience one feels with God.
  15. Closed-mindedness towards the benefits of Christianity and Conservativism.

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