Blue-crowned hanging parrot

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Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot
BlueCrownHanging parrot.jpg
Scientific classification
Kingdom Information
Domain Eukaryota
Kingdom Animalia
Subkingdom Bilateria
Branch Deuterostomia
Phylum Information
Phylum Chordata
Sub-phylum Vertebrata
Infraphylum Gnathostomata
Class Information
Superclass Tetrapoda
Class Aves
Sub-class Neornithes
Infra-class Neoaves
Order Information
Superorder Psittacimorphae
Order Psittaciformes
Family Information
Family Psittaculidae
Tribe Information
Tribe Psittaculini
Genus Information
Genus Loriculus
Species Information
Species L. galgulus
Population statistics
Conservation status Least concern[1]

The blue-crowned hanging parrot (Loriculus galgulus) is a species of parrot of the family Psittaculidae, and found throughout much of Southeast Asia and Indonesia.


Blue-crowned hanging parrots are small, reaching a length of up to 4.72 inches. The plumage is predominantly green, with red tail feathers and rump, a reddish circular spot on the throat, and a small blue spot on top of the head from which the bird gets its name. Females are similar to males, but with the blue and red colors rather faded, and lacking the throat patch.

Blue-crowned hanging parrots are active during the day, existing within the trees and rarely if ever coming to the ground. Their habitat is rainforests, bamboo jungle, park and fruit tree landscapes. They are also found in gardens in urban areas. If they feel threatened, they look for cover within the foliage, moving quickly among the branches. Food consists primarily of fruits, nectar and pollen, and occasionally small seeds.