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Kenneth Royce

Kenneth W. Royce is an American author who primarily writes under the nom de plume of Boston T. Party[1][2] His non-fiction books offer a conservative Christian libertarian stance on privacy, police encounters, tax resistance and gun politics.[3] His books are published by Javelin Press, which only publishes these works.

Royce is the founder of Free State Wyoming, a group that advocates that libertarians should migrate to Wyoming with the objective of attaining greater political power within one state.[4] He is a firearms shooting instructor, self-proclaimed "gun nut", speaker, and the author of 13 Boston T. Party books on guns, history, law, politics, privacy, and government. His novel 'Molôn Labé! was written with the goal of inspiring people to migrate to Wyoming.[5] In 2005, Royce was interviewed by Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America on the nationally-syndicated Live Fire radio show, about the Free State Wyoming project.[6] He also speaks at Libertarian conferences.[7]

One Nation, Under Surveillance is the final title from Boston T. Party, and subsequent books are published under the name Kenneth W. Royce.

His most recent work is a self-help book: Modules For Manhood - What Every Male Under 40 Must Know.[8]

A lifelong hunter, Royce has written about Americans booking an African safari. Royce's experience there so far is: 3 countries, 4 safaris (one a 2x1) amongst 110 days in the field, 4 four rifles/calibers, and 40 animals collected (a third of which were stalked to within 50 yds). "Hunting is, for me, a biological, emotional, and spiritual imperative. I truly do not have a choice in the matter--nor would I ever want one."[9]





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