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The history of wiki websites specifically related to Christianity is much more recent than that of wikis in general. A wiki website is a site that allows users to add content, as on an internet forum, but also allows anyone to edit the content.

Wikipedia®, with over a million articles, is the most well-known wiki website and is a testimony to the effectiveness of wikis in allowing exhange of information through collaborative effort. However, it also leads to politically correct manipulation of articles on or dealing with Christianity that could oftentimes lead to censoring of pertinent information on the subject.

In recent years, in response to some of these criticism, small numbers of Christian wiki websites have been setup. The first religious wiki was Why Clubbet although this has been called a failure by some. Currently the largest Christian wiki is WikiChristian which aims to be a major reference site for all topics relating to Christianity. Due to massive vandalism in May 2009[1] the pages were locked and the wiki is currently inactive regarding editing. OrthodoxWiki, for the Eastern Orthodox church and Theopedia, for evangelical Bible-based Christians are two denomination-specific Christian wikis. CARMPedia at was a relative new-comer, but no longer exists. Jesuspedia is a small but growing Christian wiki encyclopedia, built upon the Bible, that affirms its unity with all of God's children- the site now appears to be defunct.

Why Clublet

Why Clublet was the first religious wiki. It has been described as a failure. Between September 1, 2005 and November 11, 2005, its recent changes page showed a total of 17 posts.


WikiChristian ( is the largest wiki specifically related to Christianity on the internet. It was set-up in late 2004 by an American called Prab R. Tumpati. Shortly after, it was joined by Graham Grove in Australia and from there the site has grown. It was set up in the hope that it would become a useful reference on any topic related to Christianity. Articles do not need to be of a neutral point of view - the author can voice an opinion as long as the author of the article makes it clear what his or her background is. As of May 2012, the wiki seems to be inactive regarding article editing. The maximum range of all recent changes shows only new user account creations.[2] Editing of articles appears to be restricted to only administrators. This wiki intends to be a reference point for historical information, historical texts, song lyrics and personal testimonies of Christians.


Main article:Conservapedia

A conservative Christian version of Wikipedia which is slowly but surely becoming one of the most if not the most prominent Christian oriented wiki. Although not oriented directly to Christian thought and themes, Christian subjects are a prominent part of the wiki and are treated with respect.


Theopedia at is a Christian wiki where content is expected to conform to a Protestant and Bible-based approach to Christianity. It was set up by an American from Ohio named Aaron Shaf.


OrthodoxWiki at is a wiki specifically for all issues related to Eastern Orthodox Christianity. It was inaugurated in November 2004 and has grown considerably with many active contributing users.


CARMPedia, which used to be at, is described as "a short-lived wiki created by CARM,"[3] no longer in existence. It was set up by the well-known Matt Slick, who is the founder of the popular Christian apologetics website CARM. It was similar to Theopedia in that users were expected to agree to a Protestant and biblically-based approach to Christianity.


This is a wiki devoted to Christian Music at CMWIKI


Jesuspedia aims to be a general Biblical and Christian wiki encyclopedia for the world to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ from the point of view of God's kingdom. The encyclopedia is in unity with all genuine Christians. Only believers in the Lord Jesus are allowed to edit, and only men can give Christian teachings (First Timothy 2:12). Policies for the wiki generally are to follow the Bible.


ApostolicWiki at ApostolicWiki is a small, mostly protected wiki for the Ancient Apostolic Communion. Appears defunct.

Bible Wiki

Bible Wiki is a collaborative wiki encyclopedia that strives to comprehensively document the contents of the Bible, solely from a Biblical Point of View and within its timeline. It intends to provide alternative biblical content to that of Wikipedia and other websites; documenting the Bible with the same level of detail but not including other religions and historical speculation, which would confuse any reader- Christian or not. It has very small user base and for the most part a small content base.


BibleWiki at Bible is a "project to build a wiki of information around the Bible". Its contents include Easton's Bible Dictionary of 1897 and the Catholic Encyclopedia of 1907. This site now appears defunct.


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CreationWiki is a free wiki-based Internet encyclopedia of creationism written from primarily a Young Earth Creationism perspective that was started during the summer of 2004 by the Northwest Creation Network, and is the work of an international team of creationists.[4] CreationWiki also has Christian apologetic and Bible apologetic material. There are presently 5,030 articles from a creationist point of view.[5]

Messianic Judaism Wiki

Messianic Judaism Wiki is a wiki devoted to Jewish believers in Jesus (Yeshua) be they Messianic Jews or Hebrew Christians. There is also plenty of content available for gentiles interested in the "Hebrew Roots" of the Christian faith. Appears to be defunct.

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