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Charles Obadiah "Chuck" Baldwin (born in La Porte, Indiana; May 3, 1952) is the founder, pastor of Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida. He is a radio talk show host and the 2008 Constitution Party Presidential nominee. He was the 2004 Constitution Party Vice Presidential nominee, running with the 2004 Constitution Party Presidential nominee, Michael Peroutka. He has been an outspoken critic of President George W. Bush as well as other leaders in both the Democratic and Republican Parties. He supported Congressman Ron Paul in Paul's unsuccessful bid for the 2008 Republican Party Presidential nomination and was endorsed by Paul. His running mate in 2008 was Darrell Castle, a lawyer from Tennessee. The Constitution Party Presidential ticket was on the ballot in 2008 in 37 states, and was a qualified write-in ticket in 11 states. Baldwin received 199,314 popular votes in the 2008 Presidential election which was about 0.15 percent of the total.[1]

Baldwins’ move to the State of Montana

Rev. Baldwin relocated to Kalispell, Montana.[2]

Positions on the War on Terror

Baldwin strongly opposes the War on Terror. He has claimed that the September 11 attacks were not perpetrated by Islamic terrorists, but by "a global conspiracy to advance the agenda of war profiteers and nation builders." He also considers those who claim otherwise to be controlled opposition.[3] Instead of Islamic terrorism, Baldwin considers Zionism to be America's greatest external threat.[4]

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