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Conservapedia Bible Project
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Old Testament:
Genesis  • ObadiahJonahHaggai * RuthMalachi
New Testament:
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Galatians • EphesiansPhilippians • Colossians

1 Thessalonians2 Thessalonians

1 Timothy2 TimothyTitusPhilemonJames  • 1 Peter2 Peter

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Old Testament:
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Judges • 1 Samuel • 2 Samuel • 1 Kings • 2 Kings

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Lamentations • Ezekiel • Daniel • Hosea • Joel • Amos

Micah • Nahum • Habakkuk • Zephaniah


The Conservative Bible is the product of the Conservative Bible Project. This is uniquely built on two bedrock principles:

  • online translating using the collaborative wiki software improves the final result if guided by good rules
  • the rules guiding this translation are to use and be informed by conservative insights and terminology

To the best of our knowledge, this project is the first to utilize either of the above principles in translating the Bible.

Here lists the 66 books of the Holy Bible to be translated in this project, with the ones having links already being works-in-progress:[1]

For easy reference, the word count in the ancient texts is:

  • Hebrew Masoretic Bible is 474,316 words long
  • Greek New Testament is 138,167 words long

New Testament

The New Testament consists of 27 books by both Jewish and Gentile Christians. These include 13 letters written by Paul (A.D. early 50s to mid 60s), 5 written by the Apostle John (including an eyewitness Gospel, all 5 works finished and released in A.D. 90s), 2 written by Luke (between A.D. 62 and 80), 2 letters written by Peter (A.D. mid 60s), Matthew's eyewitness Gospel (finished and released A.D. 70), Mark's eyewitness Gospel (finished and released in A.D. 60s), James' letter (A.D. 60), Jude's letter (A.D. 82), and one letter of unknown source (Hebrews) (before A.D. 70).

There are nearly 8000 verses in the New Testament.[2] As of Oct. 29, 2009, this project has translated about 30% of it, or about 2400 verses. As of Dec. 22, 2009, this project has translated entire Gospels of Matthew and Mark, 16 out of 24 chapters of the Gospel of Luke (Translated), and 11 out of 21 chapters of Gospel of John (Translated). This project completed the New Testament on the morning of Apr. 23, 2010.

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Notes and References

  1. This project follows the ordering of books in the King James Bible.